Presidential Blessing: September 24

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Presidential Blessing: September 24

Greetings from Lacombe, AB! I am attending the Burman University Board of Trustees’ Meetings this weekend - Friday to Sunday. We have a great Adventist University in Canada and we can be proud of it. Please keep Burman University – Administration, Professors, Staff, and especially the students in your prayers.

An interesting story: A couple of months ago, I was searching for an air ticket for this trip to Burman University in the web. I found an amazing deal, a direct flight to Edmonton on Thursday morning, September 22. I was so happy with the price that I did not hesitate to book my flights immediately. I was sure about the dates for the meetings here and thought to myself, “if I don’t purchase it now and access the web later, I will certainly lose this amazing deal.” As this has happened to me before, I was ready to purchase the air ticket. However, in my eagerness I had not double checked my calendar. Something was bothering me. I stopped, opened my calendar… the dates were correct… what was it…? I looked carefully and realized that Thursday, September 22 was also the date for our Board of Directors’ (BOD) Teleconference. Again, I thought to myself: “I will arrive in Lacombe early on that Thursday morning and since that BOD will be a Teleconference, I will get everything prepared in advance, fly to Alberta, and join the Teleconference from there late on that afternoon.” The financial saving on the air ticket would make it worth. But, I was not at peace… Then, I stopped and prayed: “What is it Lord? Should I proceed with this purchase?” While I was still praying I felt a strong impression that the 2016 FVAA School Dedication Service would potentially be in the morning of that Thursday, September 22. I checked my calendar and that Service at FVAA happened on a Thursday, on the same week in September 2015… I enjoy attending FVAA Dedication Service every year. This Service gives me an opportunity to be there with/for my children, interact with the other children, support the school staff, and also to see the smile in everyone’s faces. Most importantly, the purpose of this Service is to ask God to bless our school (s), and protect them with His Angels’ presence – to start the school year with Him! This is priceless - I am proud of our schools because I am a product of Adventist Education!

I thanked God for that inside and restarted my search for the air ticket… Yes, there was another flight from Abbotsford to Edmonton on that Thursday evening, which would allow me to participate in the School Dedication Service (morning), be in the office for the BOD Teleconference (afternoon), and then fly to Edmonton (which I did) – same price. God is good! I bought the air ticket and praised the Lord. Then, I curiously searched the web on the following morning - the air ticket’s price had nearly doubled… When we place God first, even (especially) when dealing with small things, He blesses us with the big ones, too! Isaiah 30:21 is a perfect example of the way the Lord reminds and directs us to the right way.

My prayer today is for all of us to trust in God’s leadership in our lives, always! He cares for us (I Peter 5:7), even in the little details of our lives!

Note: Thank you Pastors for supporting our schools. Also, please continue to pray with your congregations during these 120 Days of Prayer & Working Together to Reach 150 Souls for His Kingdom by December 31.

Happy Sabbath!

In His Service,
Wesley Torres

Wesley Torres, D.Min.