Presidential Blessing: September 17

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Presidential Blessing: September 17

Greetings from Kelowna! Pastor Brake and I will be of service to the Kelowna Church family today, including assisting them in the visioning process for the future of their church.

I popped in our Chilliwack School last Friday – it looks great! I intended to show appreciation for the beautiful work of our teachers - my mother is a retired teacher who ministered for the young minds for over 35 years. I just wanted to be there with the children, too… However, Miss Pardy, (Principal/Teacher) kindly acknowledged my presence and asked me to say a few words to her class. Then, I had the opportunity to pray with our children. I wished you were there to see the positive attitude of those eager boys and girls. They reverently folded their hands, bowed their faces, kept silent, and responded so genuinely and innocently to my prayer. Our children are special – kind, pure, innocent, and they love the Lord.

No wonder Jesus tells us in His Word that if we are serious about our salvation, we need to become like children (Matt. 18:3). On top of all positive attributes mentioned above, children are also trusting. I knew quite a few of them in the Chilliwack School. However, those whom I met for the first time, believed in the words and friendliness of those who already knew me and they immediately accepted and welcomed me so warmly.

Another positive thing about children is that they do not hold grudges to easily remember past things and charge us with them. How much better the world would be if we all kept having those positive attitudes... The reality is that because of the presence of sin, we tend to lose those attributes as we “grow.” “I” becomes so prominent, full of itself… That is why Paul reminds us that this “I” needs to be mortified and eliminated – “I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.” (Gal. 2:20 NIV). Who can do that? Only Christ! That is why we need to come to the foot of the cross, daily! When we allow Christ to enter our hearts – He knocks trying to call our attention and inviting Himself in (Rev. 3: 20) – a new life begins, everyday. However, He never forces His way in. He patiently waits for our response. Conversely, the enemy tries to take control of our lives, even in subtle ways… He tempts those who work for the Lord and His Cause even harder because he knows that he will achieve greater results in the fall of God’s human leaders. We should guard the avenues of our souls! (Prov. 4:23).

Today, I sincerely pray that we surrender ourselves completely to God – to be kind, pure, innocent, loving, trusting, forgiving – like a child, by God’s grace! (Phil 4: 8).

A quick note: The posters for the 120 Days of Prayer & Working Together for 150 Souls for Christ were mailed out to our churches and schools earlier this week. Please place them in the announcement boards and promote this spiritual initiative with your members & schools. The Holy Spirit will bless our efforts as we work together!

Happy Sabbath!

In His Service

Wesley Torres, D.Min.