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Marketing Ideas, Expos, Newsletters, and More
Building a contact list on is the first and most important step for all kinds of outreach.  But there are some special and easy ways for those doing health outreach. The ideas below can be used at any of your current programs like evangelistic series, Christmas concerts, music concerts, etc.  And you can also use them at expos (learn more about doing a food expo below), farmers markets, etc.:
  • Use surveys – in addition to setting these out on a table you can be more proactive with them.  Go door to door, do a mail out survey card, or ask a Bible worker to include health programs on their survey. See below for a survey you can edit.  Also check out the pathway to health postcard and more under Resources for Sharing.
  • Draws  - offer a draw with a cookbook or video for a prize.
  • Newsletter Signup – have a newsletter sign up form.  The BC Health Committee is going to take the work out of newsletters. Thanks to Silver Hills, we have a monthly newsletter template. You can just put your churches info into the header or you can use the content to create your own newsletter, contact Angela Poch for details.
  • Farmers Markets & Food Expos – many small towns in BC are doing farmers markets.  Those attending a farmer’s market are generally a little more open to health, since they are trying to buy local, fresh foods.  Get a booth and offer some free fresh water, have a draw for a FREE cookbook/video, etc. to collect names (see above).  You can even get water bottle labels and put a lovely health message and contact info on it OR use it to advertise for an upcoming event. Hand out tracts on health (like the GLOW or Better Living tracts from the ABC).  Give away bookmarkers or postcards on health. 
Many of the programs we've shared have their own marketing materials as well.

More resources:
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