Presidential Blessing: August 6

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Greetings from Merritt!

I will be of service to the Merritt, Ashcroft, and Lillooet (group in town) members this weekend. This is my last trip and message before going to California for some vacation time with my family. Then, I will meet some of you at Burman University for the SDACC Constituency Meeting from August 19-21.

The 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics Games are on in Brazil! The opening ceremony took place yesterday afternoon (BC time) and the excitement is in the air. The world stopped and watched in awe that magnificent ceremony. The best athletes in the world - nearly 11,500 - have made their way to Rio (nick named Wonderful City because of its astonishing natural beauties) to compete for their countries and try to make history. I am convinced that all of them dream about getting a golden medal. They have endured hours, weeks, months, and years of physical and mental preparation and have invested their very best in pursuing that dream… Despite of making history already by just being there, most of them will not fulfill that dream because the gold medals are limited and just for those who come in the first place…
It will be amazing to watch and cheer for the athletes and countries during this long waited for event. However, it saddens me to think that many of those athletes will be disappointed. They will give their best - sweat, run, jump, kick, spike, swim, throw, row and will also be pedaling, pulling, pushing, “fighting,” etc - but these will not be enough because only some of them will get the gold medal… (I Cor. 9:24a).
While I was thinking about that a thought came to my mind: This is not like that in the spiritual “Olympic Life Experience” of a Christian. Yes, we face challenging situations because our enemy never rests, but the victory has already been won for us through and in Christ. All of those who sincerely believe in Him will receive a golden medal from His hands. He has won the race for us. He was pulled, pushed, thrown, kicked, spat on, and rejected because of us (Isa. 53). Some have even “fought” just to condemn Him and at the end He sweat drops of blood for the salvation of humanity! (Luke 22:44). The only condition to experience His redemption is to accept His sacrifice for us and allow Him to direct our lives. So, while enjoying the games for the next two weeks, I would like to remind you that in Christ you and I are more than victorious – He has won a golden medal for each of us (Rom 8:31-39). 

Enjoy your summer and continue to run the Christian race in faith – Jesus Wins! 

See you in September, God willing.

​Happy Sabbath!
In His Service,