Presidential Blessing: July 30

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Greetings from Camp Hope, BC Conference 2016 REACH ACROSS Camp Meeting!

The Lord has blessed us tremendously this week. It is hard to believe that this is the last day of our largest spiritual gathering in our Conference – God is good!

Oh no Lord, not that fire! That was the first thought in my mind when a heard the word fire around midnight last evening. I run to the wood pile in prayer and trying to calm people down on my way to the scene. However, when I got there I saw a bunch of brave men and women, most of them trained and prepared to deal with the situation. I tried to remain calm, emit words of alert, and send messages through the radio to our security personnel to tell people not to panic. The worst thing that could happen at that point in time was a reaction of panic among the saints. Our folks at the scene were calm and professional. Many volunteers showed up and we thank God for their quick response. 

As we still consider and investigate what caused that fire, we learned some important lessons:

1 - An emergency situation can come up at any time. We need to pray for guidance and wisdom from the Lord to face it courageously, but depending on His power, first and foremost.

2 -  We need to be prepared and make sure that safety comes first at all times and ensure that people’s lives are protected.

3 - The way we deal with that situation is very important not to allow it to get out of control. These are the three vital ones, among others that could be added to the list.

All of these remind us about the importance of the messages in God’s Word. We live in a world contaminated by sin. The evidence of evil can be seen and the works of the enemy to obliterate and try to destroy God’s plan is real. (Matt. 13:28). However, as Elizabeth Talbot reminded us last weekend, no matter what, Jesus wins, always! (Rev. 21:4-5; II Peter 3:13). Let us depend on God, regardless of the situation. Prayer is not only soothing – it works! (John 14:13). God wants the best for His children. God is and always has been in control!

He watches and protects us from above and He has promised His presence and protection to us. (Isa. 43:1-3). The fire that we need is the one from the Holy Spirit. (John 16:13). 

We thank God for the restored peace and safety in the Camp and for the amazing work of our firefighters and volunteers. It was past 2:00 am when I left the scene and they were still there and some stayed back to make sure everything was under control. Bless their heart!
Now, for those of you who are here: Thank you for your service to our Constituency during this week. For those who did not make it this year or are watching via live stream, please pray for us as our Camp Meeting concludes today and let us start praying for our 2017 REACH OUT Camp Meeting. 

Happy Sabbath!

‚ÄčIn His Service,