Presidential Blessing: July 23

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Greetings from Camp Hope, 2016 BC Conference REACH ACROSS Camp Meeting!

It is a beautiful morning here. I just returned from the Main Auditorium after interacting with some lovely folks who attended the first service today. Pastor Marian Kossovan presented a beautiful message this morning. He shared that despite the fact that we are different in the way we appreciate things, as created by God, He can use every one of us for His glory when we place ourselves in His hands, even in our approaches to worship Him. Pastor Kossovan also encouraged all of those who were present not to be afraid as they serve the Lord, He will carry us even by moving mountains to guide and protect us. He interacted his message by singing three inspiring songs and connecting them to the message. It was an amazing way to start the Sabbath day!

Last evening, Dr. Elizabeth Talbot brought us closer to God’s throne! She comforted the audience by presenting the way God deals with our prejudice, religious superiority over other people when we “cover” ourselves with a “superficial truth”, religiosity without depth, and our procrastination to do His work. She presented a beautiful and lively illustration by hanging on a cross (placed on the stage) our “coats” that represented those five areas that are stumbling blocks in our relationship with God. What a blessed message to start our 2016 Camp Meeting. We were elevated before God’s presence with both messages so far, praise God!

I also take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the hard work of our pastors, office staff, Camp Hope kitchen crew and a bunch of dedicated volunteers. It was an unforgettable Camp Pitch week. All the tents were up on Monday and by Wednesday 98% of the duties were completed. On Thursday afternoon we had a special Summer Camp experience when we participated in many different activities led by a young and hardworking Summer Camp staff, including water activities at the Kakawa Lake, where we assembled for a picnic supper. Thank you Brian Wahl & SC Crew, Stephanie & kitchen staff, Bill Gerber, and especially Kumar Dixit who organised all of these and took care of all of the details for a celebration of the hard work accomplished. What an amazing team we have in our Conference!

My request is for all of us to pray for heavenly blessings throughout this Sabbath day in Camp Hope where thousands will be gathering to praise God in our BC Conference Sanctuary, and for the whole Camp Meeting. Also, let us pray for the Board of Directors Meeting tomorrow morning. We need the presence and wisdom of the Holy Spirit for the vision and decisions for His work in our Conference.

We are blessed by having you as part of our team in the BC Conference! I conclude by reminding you of a blessing promised by God to His faithful children: “But you, be strong and do not lose courage, for there is reward for your work.” (II Chro. 15:7 NASV).

Happy Sabbath!

In His Service,