Presidential Blessing: July 9

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Greetings from Merritt!

Pastor Ern Brake and I will be of service to this District today in the spirit of REACH. He will preach at the Merritt Church and I am just about to drive to Lillooet to serve our group of believers in town this morning. In the afternoon, we will meet with all Church members at the Ashcroft Church for a spiritual planning session for this District.

On Thursday and Friday, Ern and I met with the leadership of four of our Churches in Kelowna with the same purpose. Please pray for us as we dialogue with our lay leaders and work purposely with them to best serve God’s Cause in BC, together.

This week, I had the opportunity to visit two of our Churches that are currently ministering to their children of and also for the ones in their communities through beautiful VBS programs. My first contact ever with the Adventist Church was through a VBS program when I was 11 years old -- good memories!

The Abbotsford Church VBS theme is Space Probe and the Orchard City Church’s, Cave Quest. I saw the amazing decorations -- all of them point to Jesus and the plan of salvation.

I saw Pastors Glatts and Misseghers dressed as astronauts and the excitement and happiness in the faces of the children, leaders, and volunteers. What an army of children and dedicated volunteers we have in this Conference!

It is encouraging to contemplate the future of our Church through these gifted human resources that God has placed among us. However, it is our responsibility, by God’s grace, to care for and protect them as we work as a team.

During our trip Ern and I talked about Camp Meeting and the joy of coming together as a spiritual family. Then, a question came to us: How could we plan and organize Camp Meeting without the help of our volunteers?

Also, we could not do it without the “collaboration spirit” of our workers who work above and beyond the “call of duty” to serve our Constituency… We are astronauts because we “dream, think and do things out of this world” as we serve the Lord. We presently live in a cave, a world (including nature) that is suffering the consequences of sin (Rom. 8:19-22), but we have Jesus Who came to rescue us and will be taking us to heaven in an unforgettable space trip, out of our planet! Then, this world will be made new again, not a cave, but a renewed paradise (Rev. 21:1-5).

My prayer today is for our children -- that we lead them to Christ. For our volunteers -- that we support and appreciate their hard work. For each of you -- for the part that you play as a committed and valuable worker/volunteer in our Conference. For our Camp Meeting -- this blessed spiritual gathering of our Church family in BC. Above all -- for Jesus to come sooner to take us home!

Happy Sabbath!

In His Service,         
Wesley Torres