Presidential Blessing: July 2

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Greetings from Nanaimo! I am privileged to be of service to our Church Family here today and happy to have the company of my family with me this weekend again. Let us pray for each other as we worship and serve our Lord on this Sabbath day.
Last Sabbath, the Korean Seed Sowers Church Family dedicated their building to God and on Monday the new gym and extension of our Peace Christian School (PCS) in Chetwynd were inaugurated. These events really touched my heart as I could witness firsthand the commitment of our members and workers who labored so hard for those spiritual achievements.

Our Korean members are offering Bible studies and other programs to their fellow citizens and the local community in Chetwynd is amazed with the quality education and tremendous positive impact that our school provides for their children in that city. At PCS, 80% of the students are non-Adventists - a true mission field! Some community graduates are going to Burman University to continue their education because of their excellent experience at PCS. This is the blessing of Adventist Education. Praise God! Thank you faithful Korean Seed-Sowers members and dedicated PCS leadership and staff.

While in Northern BC I had the opportunity to visit with the authorities in Chetwynd and Dawson Creek and see with my own eyes the damages they sustained as a result of the recent flood in those areas. We discussed about the humanitarian relief and assistance, which is ready to be made available to them through our appropriate entities. I also heard of brave stories, including the hard work, immediate response, and resilience of our people who risked their lives battling to save other lives and protect our school, church, and neighbors’ houses in Chetwynd. It all happened so quickly…

That experience made me to reflect about the preparedness needed in our individual spiritual lives. Material things can be fixed and replaced. However, the damage the enemy wants to cause us is one of eternal consequences. The Bible says that he is like a roaring lion who is ready to devour us (I Peter 5:8). However, despite of this, we are on the winning side. For every evil angel who would do anything to destroy us, there are two holy angels in heaven (and on earth) chosen by God to protect us (Psalm 91:11-12). God’s loving character is being attacked and the ultimate efforts of the enemy is to make us suffer and doubt His love for us. Then, our safety comes when we fully believe in the Lord and depend on Him alone and are willing to be shielded under His wings of love and protection (Ephesians 6:10-17). The enemy usually comes unexpectedly to take over and cause complete destruction. Only those who place their lives in God’s hands are safe and secure. (Psalm 46).
Today, my prayer is for all of us to depend on God alone as we commit ourselves to love and serve Him faithfully, daily.
Happy Sabbath!
In His Service,
Wesley Torres