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Fraser Valley Adventist Academy dedicated their new school bus on October 29, 2015. The last time FVAA bought a new bus was 14 years ago, making this event very auspicious. After ordering the bus only three months prior, being able to receive the bus in less than six months was clearly a miracle.

The big day featured an all-school assembly including students, faculty, conference representatives, and other guests. Scott Graham, the VSTA school transportation director, was the main speaker at the dedication assembly. Graham recited a story involving Cathy Domke, the principal at FVAA, when she stopped a finance committee meeting to pray over the dilemma the committee was facing. The ability to restructure the budget to be able to afford the bus was an answer to prayer.

Without the use of buses, many students would not be able to attend FVAA. Over 90 percent of the students attending FVAA come to and from school on the buses and would not be able to have an SDA education if the buses were not running. This investment has paved the way for the school to continue its growth and faith journey.

The new bus's keys were presented to Kent Teters, a man who been serving as a school bus driver since 1998. The lucky students who get to ride on the new bus were able to take a picture in front of the bus just moments after the assembly ended. Pastor Jim Gaull, the chaplain at FVAA, christened the new bus with sparkling apple cider just to have a little fun. The celebration ended with cake for everyone attending the dedication. The effort put into

achieving the goal for the new bus is very appreciated by everyone who is part of Fraser Valley Adventist Academy.

By Madison Stoyanowski and Zina Bagri, Grade 12, Fraser Valley Adventist Academy

  FVAA Dedicates New Bus