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Ten schools consisting of 21 teams from across British Columbia and Alberta came together to compete in the Annual CASA Flag Football Tournament at Okanagan Adventist Academy on October 15, 2015. Students ranging between the grades of 6-10 fellowshipped together, connected with God, met new people, and made lasting memories.

The games were played from breakfast to supper on Friday, and then continued on Saturday night. Physical education teachers, volunteer adults, and student coaches led their teams through a series of games, leading up to the finals. The sportsmanship that was demonstrated by all involved was truly impressive. Although these games were full of excitement and fun, the most important time of the weekend for these students began on Friday night and continued until Saturday evening.

On Sabbath, each student was given the opportunity to connect with God through an inspirational youth program. Speakers Rob Folkenberg, Abraham Samudio, and Mike Stevenson each led out in a service to inspire the youth and help them grow their personal relationships with God.

The finals of the tournament were played on Saturday night, with crowds of fans and family members cheering. Fraser Valley Adventist Academy's A and B teams won in each of their divisions.

By Thanuja Nakka and Jared Jamieson, Grade 12, Fraser Valley Adventist Academy

Photo credits: Danielle Rochford

  2015 CASA Tournament