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While growing up in a rural BC community I attended one of our church schools. The privilege of attending our schools was made possible partly through the generosity of those who went before me and gave back to those organizations that impacted them during their formative years. My parents and their peers ensured that my sister and I were mindful and grateful of their philanthropy.

In my work today I am ever impressed by the financial support of individuals as they support their local conference's ministries. It is only through their sacrificial giving of funds, time, labour, goods etc. that our schools and churches continue to function and impact their communities for Christ's kingdom. The moment a need is expressed or a project launched, the faithful support of many helps to see these through to a successful conclusion.

Financial means are not the only way to make a difference. People from all walks of life, roll up their sleeves and get into the grunt work to make our churches and schools successful. Our institutions are alive and vibrant because of their donations of muscle, mind, time and resources.

Over the past two years, the following ministries, churches & schools have benefited from planned gifts bequeathed in an estate:

1. ADRA Canada

2. Armstrong Adventist Church

3. Camp Hope

4. Berman University (formerly CUC)

5. Education

6. Evangelism

7. It Is Written

8. North Okanagan Junior Academy

9. Revelstoke Adventist Church

10. Summer Camp

11. Surrey Adventist Church

12. The Quiet Hour Canada

13. Vernon Adventist Church

14. Victoria Adventist Church

15. White Rock Adventist Church

As a member of our church or school, we are part of the body that has ownership and an obligation to support in whatever ways we can. Each of us can make a difference.