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Adventurer Family Club Ministry is a Club ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church for parents to engage their children in purposeful discipleship. The age range of children is from four to nine. If your church is not active with an Adventurer Family Ministry, you may be missing out. 

This ministry is established to help the parent/grandparent open the way for the transformational power of God in a child's life. 

If you would like to start Adventurers in your church contact your Conference Youth Director, Brian Wahl, for help on how to acquire materials and steps to organize.

In this article, Linda Glatts, from Westminster shares the blessing of church involvement and support of families through this ministry. The campout takes place to help you, the parents have the opportunity to collectively take time for parent child interaction, teaching and purposeful guidance.

"Has anyone seen our tent lately?" "I found all our sleeping bags!" "Mom, do you know where my Adventurer Club sash is – you know – the one with all my awards on it?" Kristina sighed as she paused for a moment in the excitement of packing for her family. "How wonderful that I don't have to pack food for the weekend! And what a blessing that our whole family gets to go to the campout – all expenses paid because of all our work with that fundraiser this winter!"These are phrases commonly heard as the Royal City Adventurer Club members and their families prepare for the annual British Columbia Conference Adventurer Campout at Moutain View Summer Camp and Retreat Center (MVSC) at the end of April.

For a long time Elizabeth Marshall, director of the Royal City Adventurer Club located at the Westminster Adventist church, saw the value of families going together on this annual camping trip (camping Adventurer style – tents set up in the large "Gap" building at MVSC due to the inevitable April rain!).

But many of her club families declined to attend because of the extra expense. That did not stop Elizabeth and her leadership team. "Let's have each child and each family help to raise the money in advance!" Thus, four years ago, the annual Children's Concert and Family Fun night began.

This year, the concert was held in March and featured accomplished musicians on the piano, violin, and steel pan as well as first year beginners in music; all participants, including the program emcees, were under the age of 18.

Each of the Adventurers participated in some way to share their talent. We were honored to have the Deer Lake School Junior Choir share this last year as well as talented young people from other Lower Mainland churches.

After the concert, everyone was invited to the fellowship hall and dozens and dozens of vege-burgers piled high with"all the fix'ns" were sold as well as freshly made vege-corn dogs, cookies, cupcakes and popcorn.

Each Adventurer family donated food and participated in hosting the food booths. Over $1000 was raised during the evening including the free-will offering during the concert and the sales at the Family Fun Time after the concert. The club also sold bags of Fountainview Organic Carrots last fall to raise additional money.

The Royal City Adventurer Club, made up of members from the Westminster, Richmond, New Life and The Crossing Adventist churches, look forward to an all expenses paid, relaxing family weekend together camping away from the city at beautiful MVSC.

We are also grateful for the delicious and fun food, the planned worship times, family prayer time, Adventurer Award activities and family free time that the weekend provides. If you are an Adventurer family, don't miss this enriching experience next year!

Submitted by Linda Glatts, Adventurer Club "Builders" Leader