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I've often wondered what discipleship looks like. I think of it in my mind as planting a flower seed in the bare earth, but how does it take real action in our lives?

As I prepared last August for my first year of teaching, I organized my shelves, painted bookcases and set up tables. My classroom looked ready – so many hopes welled up inside me. By year's end, I hoped my students could read, add, subtract and count money.

To understand the rules of the school and good citizenship and to learn to treat everyone kindly and to put others before themselves. This is discipleship? I knew that the entire year of curriculum before them was important.

Yet all those classes, even Bible class, would not benefit those cute little kids if we couldn't figure out together how to make it all real. Soon enough, the tables were filled with twenty active children, and as we moved through the year together I never let go of the hope that God would help me somehow disciple my students.

I took every chance I got to show them about prayer, acts of service, and turning to God when we are happy or hurt. I still wondered if it was sinking in, making a difference.

Then, last week, we were getting ready for lunch. The students take turns praying for our meal, in a manner of speaking.

What actually happens is they are too nervous or unfamiliar with prayer to come up with something original, so I have taken to whispering a prayer for them to repeat. On this given day, one boy told me he could do it himself.

I was pleased because I had been encouraging the students for months to try it on their own. I was also interested to see what he would say, since he had no Christian background.

We bowed our heads and he said, "Dear Jesus, please be with all the sad people and our lunches. Amen." I guess maybe it doesn't sound so profound, but I think it was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. And because of that simple prayer, I just want to encourage you to keep putting time into discipleship – one day that flower will bloom.