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Jackie Toombs is a lifelong learner, disciple of Jesus and leader of her Pathfinder Club in Prince George. Jackie is positive, loves learning and sees the possibilities in people.

I have known Jackie for 13 years and have watched her grow into a fine Christian young lady who is a dedicated servant leader. Below you will read how Pathfinders has impacted her life. Jackie is all about being used by God to demonstrate His love wherever she is. 

Pathfinders is one of the constants in my life. From a young age, I learned about God and the many abilities that Pathfinders can teach you. I first started in Adventurers (age 7), which helped me find the love for learning new hobbies and to develop an appreciation for the Scriptures. From Adventurers, I went into Pathfinders where my love for God was strengthened. I was challenged to develop in areas of leadership, how to camp, and how to share my faith.

Being immersed in a group that could teach me life skills and abilities that could possibly turn into potential hobbies or even a career is beneficial whether I liked it or not. Down the road, the skills I learned could be used to teach others. But in order to teach others, I first needed to be able to teach myself. What I'm trying to say is, I realized I needed to be mentally, spiritually and physically prepared to lead others.

With this in mind, I understood that the root of all learning is best gained in the context of God. So through Jesus Christ, we can gain knowledge that will benefit for years to come. I find it vital to study His Word and be more involved with"faith in action", to understand the meaning behind His plan for me. God didn't want me to just read His Word and set it aside, but to carry out the meaning and spread the "good news" to the world. This can happen to you. Even if you start, one step at a time, learning the basics from a small group like Pathfinders.

This is why Pathfinders is beneficial to me for learning about God, but also to become more versatile in many different social, mental, physical and spiritual disciplines. Pathfinder honours are a big part of discipleship. There are many types of honours that you can learn or to teach young and old minds. Learning about nature and all that lives in it, gaining recreational abilities, learning new arts and crafts, outreach and many more are just some of the features of being in Pathfinders.

As kids, we have inquisitive minds, we want to learn about everything, and we always want to learn by figuring out how things works by taking it apart and then putting it back together. Pathfinders is that venue that helps children and youth develop their unique abilities and talents for a life that is ready for service as God's ambassadors to the world. As we grow and learn many practical tools, this broadens how one can serve God. From Pathfinders and the abilities I have gained, I am better able to reach the world!

Jackie Toombs

Prince George Nighthawks Pathfinder Club

Revival and transformation

Everyday Pathfinders are held accountable to be into God's Word and to be a praying Christian. This makes for honest young people who will go the extra mile for God.

Education for discipleship

Pathfinders provides an extensive array of discipleship choices and opportunities from agriculture to electronics, from animal husbandry to home economics, from small group Bible study to public evangelism and more.

Alignment in the Church

Pathfinders participate in every aspect of the church from Sabbath School, to Vacation Bible School to leading out in worship services.

Community Outreach and Service

Pathfinder's honour local community leaders for their service, participate in holiday events, and reach out to the less fortunate, whether it be a home-bound senior, those living on the streets and those who are simply needing a friend.

Healthy Leadership

Pathfinders are encouraged by being a fully-rounded person prepared to serve in our civil and church communities. Pathfinders are taught to be a servant of God and a friend to man wherever they are.