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Pastor Joel Duntin

Over the last twelve months. God has blessed our Conference with eight new pastors who their ministry here. It gives me a great pleasure to formally introduce each one of them through this pages.

They have all been placed a called by the British Columbia Conference Board of Directors (BOD) and have been individually introduced in their local congregations already.

JOEL DUNTIN was born in Trinidad & Tobago and moved to UK as a young person. He gave his heart to the Lord and dreamed of becoming a pastor.

He is married to Sallee Raimer-Duntin from Canada.

In England, Joel was responsible for worship services at Newbold College where he also engaged the community in creative worship.

In addition, Joel assisted with the Ignite 6D youth project for the London Youth Federation (2009) and served in the leadership team and strategic planning for the London Live Church in 2010.

Since 2012, Joel and Sallee were successfully Templeway Church Plant in the South England Conference, where over 100 people from the community attend the Worship Service.

Joel worked as a Mental Health Nurse while completing his Masters in Theology Degree and License in Theology, from Newbold College, England.

The members of the Cariboo Central and 100 Mile Churches loved Joel and Sallee, during a previous weekend visit to those churches, and recommended Joel's name unanimously to the Personnel Committee.

The BOD placed a call for him to serve those churches as their pastor beginning August 1, 2015. 

Pastor Joshua Jamieson

JOSHUA JAMIESON was born into a solid Adventist home. Growing up, as a son of a pastor, he saw his father, Dr. David Jamieson, first-hand serving God's Church passionately.

This inspired him to follow in his father's footsteps and become a minister. Joshua concluded his Theology Degree at Walla Walla University in December 2014.

The Aldergrove Church invited him to serve as a locally funded Young Adults Pastor and Worship Leader for the church. Joshua is a friendly person and is highly appreciated by young people. He worked at Mountain View Summer Camp for many years.

Besides being trained to work withyoung minds, he is also skilled with technology and has rich musical talents.

Joshua started his ministry at the Aldergrove Church on January 1, 2015 and is already much loved and appreciated by the congregation. 

Pastor Charles Lomudak

CHARLES "OKUMU" LOMUDAK was born in South Sudan. In 1994, he started his Theology studies at Ethiopian Adventist College and graduated with a diploma. He then moved to Canada as a refugee in 1997.

Charles worked very hard to bring his family to Canada. After this, he made plans for his own life.

Before joining the ministry, he worked as a Settlement Worker for the Vancouver School Board for over 12 years.

He assisted immigrants, refugee children and families as they adapted to their new culture in Canada.

However, listing to that "still small voice" speaking to his heart to serve God and His church, Charles attended Burman University formerly CUC and graduated in 2014. What an achievement!

Charles is married to Sandra and they have three children, Onyango (10), Ochaya (7) and Amito (4).

Charles and his family were called by the BOD to minister to the Port Hardy Church in September 2014.

The Lomudaks are much loved and appreciated for their involvement and positive contributions to the Port Hardy Church and School. 

Pastor Neil Peralta

NEIL PERALTA was born in the Philippines and came to Canada as a child.

Being born in a solid Adventist pastoral home, Neil has dedicated his whole life to serving the Lord. He graduated Burman University formerly CUC in 2010, but was already involved in the lives of many of our young people in BC.

He worked as the Assistant Director at the Camp Hope Summer Camp for 10 years. During the school year, he served as the Deer Lake School Chaplain along with serving from 2011 -2014 as the Youth Pastor at the Burnaby Filipino Church.

Neil began his ministry for the Hazelton and Smithers Churches and Lakes District Company in October 2014 after receiving a call from the BOD.

Many parents already knew him because of his committed service to their children and grandchildren.

Neil travels extensively, ministering to our brothers and sisters, in Northern BC and he is much loved for his enthusiasm and youthful pastoral approach 

Pastor Walter Rogers

WALTER ROGERS came back to the BC Conference to serve as Children's Ministry Pastor for the Aldergrove Church in October 2014. He is Canadian and completed his Theological training at Burman University formerly CUC with an emphasis in Youth Ministry in 2002.

That same year, he came to the Aldergrove Church where he ministered as the Children and Young Adults Pastor from 2002 – 2005. Walter attended Andrews University and acquired his M.Div. in 2008.

From 2009 until he returned to BC, Walter pastored the Harbor of Hope Church in Benton Harbor, MI, as both the senior and kids' pastor. Walter is well-known for his expertise in Children's Ministry. He has a servant leadership style for ministering and leading younger hearts to Jesus.

Walter is married to Sarah and they have two children - Clayton & Kodiak nearly four and two years old respectively. The Aldergrove Church family is thrilled and blessed to have them as part of their Ministerial Team. 

Pastor Abraham Samudio

ABRAHAM SAMUDIO will be the locally funded Youth Pastor of the Son Valley Church in Kelowna beginning September 1, 2015. He was born in a solid Adventist home in Montreal, QC, to parents with a Spanish background.

At the age of two, his family moved to the Vancouver area. Abraham always loved the Lord but initially dreamed of being a medical doctor. During the second year of his studies at Burman University (formerly CUC), he felt strongly impressed by the Holy Spirit to become a minister.

At CUC, he worked in the marketing Deptartment for three years promoting the school and also as a resident assistant for two years. Abraham did his Theology internship at the Spanish Maranatha & Edmonton West Churches in Edmonton, AB.

He also interned at the Oakridge Church with Pastor Kumar. Abraham loves young people and wants to make a positive difference in their lives by pointing them to Jesus as their Best Friend, ever. 

Pastor Aaron Sikhosana

AARON SIKHOSANA was born in Zimbabwe where he earned a BA in Theology from Solusi Adventist University in 2000. He pastored in his country for four years before coming to the USA to pursue further education. He earned his M.Div. from Andrews in 2006 and also completed Clinical Pastoral Education in 2008-2009 in South Bend, IN.

Aaron also graduated with a MA in Counselling Psychology in 2011 from Spring Arbor University in MI. He worked successfully as a Christian counselor in the USA until the end of 2014 when he and his family were granted permanent residency in Canada.

Upon arriving in BC, they became active members in the Westminster Church. Soon his "God given talents & human achieved skills, by God's grace," became visible. After receiving outstanding recommendations, Aaron was introduced to the BC Conference Administration & Personnel Committee.

The New Life & Richmond Church Boards interviewed Aaron and made a unanimous recommendation of his name to the Board of Directors, who placed a call for Pastor Sikhosana to serve in those churches. Aaron is an excellent thinker and preacher, but a humble man.

He is married to Eden and their 11-year old son, Matthew, studies at Deer Lake School. The Sikhosanas began their ministry for the New Life and Richmond churches on May 1, 2015 and the members are thrilled with their new pastoral family. 

Pastor Joseph Steel

JOSEPH STEEL was born and raised in the Okanagan valley. He served as a successful Bible worker in the Armstrong area during some evangelistic campaigns with Pastor C. Koronko. Joe comes from a solid Adventist background and is the product of the Adventist Christian Education in that beautiful valley.

Friends would describe Joe as a caring, compassionate and loving person – one who thinks of others first. In the fall of 2011, after much prayer and conviction by the Holy Spirit, Joe decided to go to Burman University (formerly CUC) to study to become a minister of the Gospel.

Just before starting the school year, Joe married Rebecca (also from the Okanagan). They are a happy and enthusiastic couple, who dreamed about ministering in the Northern part of Canada.

When the Whitehorse Church became available, they were thrilled with the opportunity to serve there. After being interviewed by the BC Conference Administration at CUC, Joe & Rebecca had a live skype interview with the Whitehorse Church and Elder Wesley Torres.

Joe and Rebecca were already known by the members of the Whitehorse Church and the BOD placed a call for them to serve in that church. The members can hardly wait for their new pastoral couple to begin ministering with them. After Camp Meeting.

We warmly welcome our new British Columbia Conference Pastors and request our members, from their individual congregations and our whole constituency, to keep them in your prayers!