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The low afternoon sun casts golden rays of fiery orange, yellow and red on the tall maples as they wave in the crisp October breeze. Children playing offer shouts of laughter as they run across the carpet of leaves, pretending to be knights of long ago.

They exude the sheer joy and freedom of childhood, the springtime of life. The brilliance of the changing colours in the fall season reminds one that every season of life is filled with beauty, strength and the excitement of new treasured experiences.

What will transpire between the spring and autumn seasons of your life? What can you do now to experience the peaceful confidence that a well-planned, God-inspired life brings?

We can always count on nature's seasons. Each has equal amounts of time and has its designed purpose within the cycle of birth, life, and rest.

Our lives follow a similar cycle. As each of nature's seasons has its work to do, so do our lives. We can only lack that time which we fail to use for worthwhile purposes.

Sir Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion states: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Everything has a balance. Saying "yes" to one thing means we say "no" to another.

Like the game of chess, every action taken now will have a reaction further down the road. The farmer also knows this principle, planning ahead when to plant the seeds at just the right time, in the right conditions to produce the desired harvest in the future.

"You harvest what you plant, whether good or bad." Proverbs 14:14 NCV

Just as nature's seasons change, the harvest will certainly arrive in due season whether it be bounteous or lean. It will bring the satisfaction of a job well done and peace at the time when life prepares to rest.

Ask yourself, "Will my choices today yield a bounteous harvest? "Will today's choices help to REACH BC for Christ's kingdom?"

Consider leaving a legacy to ensure a plentiful harvest; we can play a part in helping with the harvest of the 4.7 million people in British Columbia – to REACH BC with a Christ-centered message of hope & wholeness. The harvest will be bountiful and brilliant!

Will my choices today yield a bounteous harvest? Will today's choices help to REACH BC for Christ's kingdom?

"After us cometh a multitude—

Prosper the work of our hands,

That we may feed with our land's food

The folk of all our lands!"

Rudyard Kipling, The Settler