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Jerry Logan, Pastor for Prince George, McBride and Vanderhoof

Jerry Logan was born in Nelson, B.C. and graduated from Canadian University College with a major in Religious studies Pre-professional track in 2008.

Currently, he is working on his MAPMin (Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry) program from Andrews University through Burman University (formerly CUC).

Jerry is married to Olenah and they have three 3 children: Angelina Harris (23), who is married to Matthew Harris, Dustin (20), and Amanda (19).

He was basically an atheist until the age of 19 when he experienced his conversion through astronomy. Jerry discovered that there must be an intelligent designer in control of the universe. Jerry desired to know who He is and asked for Him to reveal Himself to him.

Also that same night, Jerry asked for his soul mate for life. Within two weeks, he met Olenah, who was a Seventh-day Adventist. From then on, Jerry has been seeking to learn as much as he can about God and the plan of salvation.

Jerry completed the BC Institute of Christian Ministries – Public Evangelism (lay preacher certification) in 2004. After this, Pastor Ernie Dunning encouraged him to become a lay preacher, but the then BC Conference President, Harry Sacket and Secretary, Mark Johnson, convinced him to go to CUC (Burman University) to become a full time minister.

Claude Sabot also encouraged him in that direction, so that Jerry could give full-time service to God.

After his graduation from the Theology Department, Jerry served as the Corner Brook Church Pastor

in Newfoundland from 2008 till March 2014.

In April 2014, Jerry was called to serve in the BC Conference as the pastor of the Prince George, McBride, and Vanderhoof District.

His vision is "to be more like Jesus, truly experiencing what it is to have compassion for souls."

Jerry loves to be around people who are genuine. He also loves working with Pathfinders and being involved with people on all levels. It brings him great joy to experience people giving their lives to Jesus. Pastor Jerry is loved and appreciated by his church members in a special way.

Cavin Chwyl, Pastor for Fort St. John, Dawson Creek and Tumbler Ridge

Cavin was born in Fort St. John, one of the towns he has the privilege of serving as Pastor.

He is a BC boy, as he lived in this Province his whole life except for the 4 years he spent at Burman University (formerly CUC).


It was at Burman University where he studied theology and graduated with a BA in Religious Studies Pre-Professional Track.

At the end of his first year at Burman University, Cavin struggled with what he should focus on for his future, even though he knew God started calling him at the age of 16.

So he decided to phone his sister, Conin. In the conversation she asked him:"What would you do if money, family, and time weren't an issue?" Cavin answered immediately: "That's easy, I'd take Religious Studies!" Conin's reply brought years of questions and doubt into focus: "So why don't you do it?" she said.

The next day, Cavin walked into Doug Matacio's office and changed his major.

From that moment, he decided to just let God lead. "And here I am 6 years into ministry happily serving three churches (Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Tumbler Ridge) that have become my family," says Cavin.

He plans on furthering his education, while in ministry, so that he can continue serving the Lord as He calls.

When asked about his vision statement and passion in ministry, Cavin replies.

"I love people, helping people, and the best thing I can do is try to teach them who Jesus is and what He truly is like; only then will people want Him in their lives. I pray every day that God can use me in this great task."

Cavin is also much loved and appreciated by his church families.

Timoteus Nagy, Pastor for Chilliwack and Mount Hope

Timoteus Nagy was born in Neumarkt, in the province of Transilvania, Romania. He moved to Canada with his family in 2001. After completing his bachelor's degree in architecture from the University of Toronto, he attended Andrews University where he obtained his Master of Divinity degree (MDiv.).

He graduated from the MDiv. program in May 2011. According to Timoteus (Tim), he met some really wonderful mentors along the way. His parents are his number one mentors and counselors on this earth, after God.

Tim was baptized by Pastor Manuel Silva, while both of them were in ON and later on had the privilege of working closely with Pastor Silva in BC.

While Tim was in Berrien Springs (Andrews), Pastor Roy Castelbuono was a major influence. Pastor Tom Glatts also mentored Tim when he began his ministry, in British Columbia, serving the Mission and Maple Ridge Churches in 2011.

Tim pastored those two churches for four years. In April of this year, he was called to serve as the pastor of the Chilliwack and Mount Hope Churches. Tim is much loved and appreciated by his church members.

In his own words Pastor Tim described his one goal in ministry: "To make Christ relevant and approachable by all age groups and all ethnicities. Jesus is coming again, and the harvest is plentiful."