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Okanagan Adventist Academy is situated in one of the most beautiful spots in British Columbia, if not in all of Canada.

Its beauty draws a huge number of tourists each year to enjoy whatever the four seasons have to offer. It could be the dazzling colours of the blossoms of the fruit trees in the surrounding orchards, the majesty of Okanagan Lake with its many beaches and water sports, the bounties of the fall with its harvest of fruit or the skiing resorts that are so abundant in the region.

With this backdrop, Okanagan Adventist Academy has a rich heritage of serving the central Okanagan region for nearly 100 years. Founded in 1917, the alumnus of our school can be found in many walks of life and are instrumental in contributing to the communities they reside in.

Plans are already in the making for a special 100 year homecoming celebration in 2017 and you are encouraged to reserve the June 30. July 2, 2017 weekend. The school offers a Pre-school to Grade 12 program accredited by the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church as well as with the Province of British Columbia Ministry of Education as a Group 2 funded Independent School.

In addition, a fully licensed daycare program brings a positive addition to the school and our desire to serve our community. Okanagan Adventist Academy is blessed to have an extremely supportive constituency who values and supports the school by not only their financial contributions but also with many volunteers devoting countless hours in helping with whatever needs to be done at the school. This support has enabled us to have a well kept facility that is not only used by the school and its constituent churches but is offered to a variety of community groups.

Additionally, this support makes it possible for OKAA to have some of the latest technologies helping our teachers make classroom instruction as effective as possible and allowing our students access to the technology they will need in their future endeavours.

Our goal is to provide a quality Christian education with a rigorous academic program as well as "shaping character" by providing students with a variety of classroom and extracurricular experiences taught by committed Christian teachers, many whom have been recognized for their outstanding accomplishments in the field of education.

Our students are also encouraged to participate in service activities like the Terry Fox Run, for Cancer, Soles for Souls, and other mission and service opportunities that range from within the province to international trips.

They participate in curricular activities like choir performances in the surrounding constituency. OKAA also hosts and participates in (Canadian Adventist School Athletics), which includes participation in a variety of sports. CASA also allows young athletes an opportunity to fellowship and meet new friends, from across the province, in the youth rally spiritual component of the tournament.

Our elementary classes enjoy swimming lessons, gymnastics, field trips to surrounding farms and musical programs offered in the community. With the help of our local youth pastors/workers and the Student Association, OKAA students are always up to something, whether is a Christmas banquet, or celebrating the diverse multi-cultural groups found in the school, participating in church services or enjoying the food of various countries generously supplied by the supportive and active parents.

Our Bible curriculum encourages students to "discover purpose" in their lives and various classes have students explore the possibilities that are available to them. Participation in mission trips is encouraged and supported, field trips to various career and post-secondary education opportunities are continually offered for the students.

Of course words do not convey the joy and excitement that our students are having here at Okanagan Adventist Academy. You are encouraged to see for yourself exactly what has been happening at our school by visiting