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After two years of construction, Church in the Valley, a Seventh-day Adventist Church, celebrated its grand opening on September 12, 2015. Members of the community, government, dignitaries and British Columbia Conference leadership were included in the grand opening ceremonies. Over 1,000 people attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony, which included a morning worship service and performances by Trinity Western Choir.

The new 61,400 square foot building is located in Langley, British Columbia. This building features a 900 seat worship auditorium, state of the art audio system, commercial kitchen, youth center, gymnasium, and Acts of Kindness Community Service Centre.

For the congregation to move is not only a move into a larger facility, it's also a rebranding for the congregation formerly known as the Aldergrove Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Why did the church choose Church in the Valley for its name? Dr. David Jamieson, lead Pastor of Church in the Valley, explained that the Church wants to meet people in the valley of their lives. "That's what Church is all about", Dr. Jamieson said. "When people are going through difficult or troublesome times, they need to know that there is someone who cares and that there is a God who loves them."

Church in the Valley intends to make an impact throughout the Fraser Valley community. Dr. Jamieson said, "We decided in our hearts and minds that we don't want to be just a church in the building. We want to serve people outside the walls of the church throughout the entire Fraser Valley."

This was true even nearly twenty years ago when the Church was spurred on by visionaries who asked: If the doors at the Aldergrove Seventh-day Adventist Church were to close, would anyone even notice? Would anyone care? That's when the Church began its community outreach ministry, eventually naming it Acts of Kindness (AOK). Since its inception, the ministry, now recognized throughout the Fraser Valley, has helped over 12,500 families.

Leaders of the Church continued to dream. At the 2001 vision summit, they imagined outgrowing their current building by continuing to reach out to the community. The church grew as they hoped. In twelve years, Church in the Valley has baptized over 300 members into its family. Additionally, the Church attendance increased from 250 to 550 individuals per week.

"Now here we are fourteen years later, with a new building that is better able to help us serve the community and connect people with Christ", said Dr. Jamieson.

The new Acts of Kindness Community Centre, adjoining the main Church building on Old Yale Road, provides Church in the Valley, for the first time, a centralized place to do the majority of these ministry activities.

The center includes a three-bay garage for its CARS Ministry and Single Mom's Oil Change; a clothing and food pantry, a meal for the homeless and underprivileged called Welcome Inn, a bedroom suite for guests in need of short-term housing; and a common space with kitchen for healthy living classes.

While the new building size, design, and features are impressive, its beginnings and purpose are simple. The initial building design was conceived on a napkin by Dr. David Jamieson, Randy Melnychenko and Lorne Brownmiller on a flight home to British Columbia. Not completely unexpected, this isn't the first time a big dream has started on a serviette.

The floor plan of the Church centers on community, a clear reflection of Church in the Valley's values and mission.

Daniel R. Jackson, President of the North American Division and main speaker at Church in the Valley's grand opening, congratulated the church and prayed that God would continue to use Church in the Valley in a mighty way.

At the end of his spirited sermon highlighting the nature, function, and glory of the Church, Elder Jackson reminded the audience. "The fact that the building is almost finished does not mean anything other than the work has just begun."

So the dream and mission of Church in the Valley continues.

Testifying to its mission of leading people to Christ, Church in the Valley hosted their twelfth annual Acts of Kindness Charity Golf Classic on Monday, September 14, 2015. The funds raised from this event will provide support for Acts of Kindness programs in the coming year. To date, the golf tournament has raised over $500,000 for community outreach.

Next, Church in the Valley wants to raise awareness that, with a larger facility and expanded programs, there's an even greater opportunity for individuals to get involved and connect with each other.

We thank God for what He has done in the past and we look forward to what He will do in the future.

By Jenae Williams, Member, Church In The Valley

2015 Sept 12 *GRAND OPENING*