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BOARD OF DIRECTORS UPDATE: OCTOBER 1, 2015 Monday, 12 October 2015
 Wesley Torres
 Vice-President for Administration
 361 HitsDear Pastors, School Principals, Teachers, Office & ABC Staff:

Greetings! Please find below the highlights of the BC Conference Board of Directors (BOD) Teleconference held on Thursday, September 24.

1 – The BOD voted to receive the Consent Agenda, comprised of the BC Conference President, Executive Secretary & Departmental Directors' reports, which had been made available on our website to the BOD members prior to the meeting.

2 – The BOD received the YTD (August 2015) Treasury Report, showing a 1.68% decrease in tithe when compared to the same period in 2014. We are grateful for the faithfulness of our members and kindly request our workers to promote Stewardship as a way of living & especially for trusting in the Lord. We believe & are praying for this figure to be reverted in the following months.

3 – The BOD voted to appoint Sergio Alejandro as the BC Conference Assistant Treasurer. Sergio has been working in our office for two years in the Payroll Department. He has a pleasant attitude and is efficient; he is a great person to work with.

4 – The BOD also voted to appoint Sven Tornlov as the BC Conference Associate Treasurer while he will also continue to serve as the Planned Giving Directorfor the Conference. Sven has been serving our Constituency very efficiently from this office (and in the field) for many years in the capacities of payroll, and then Planned Giving Director & Assistant Treasurer. We are truly blessed by having him with us.

5 – The BOD was pleased to receive the July 2014 ABC Financial Statement showing positive signs & good management during this year. The situation looks positive at this point in time. This reflects the hard work of the ABC staff as well as the ABC Committee and Treasury Dept. Please keep praying and supporting our local ABC!

6 – The BOD voted to officially dissolve the Native Newstart Company. The members of that company are attending different churches throughout the Conference territory & some of them are leaders in those congregations.

7 – The BOD gladly received the Let's Move Vancouver Evangelistic Campaign report presented by Kumar Dixit. All our churches in the Lower Mainland are involved in this evangelism & we keep receiving encouraging reports about the plans & involvement of the members in this major evangelism planned for 2016. Also, Jenessa Little has been appointed as the Coordinator for this campaign & she will be working closely with Kumar. We kindly request each of you to make this evangelism in our greatest mission field in this Conference a matter of your special prayers.

8 – The BOD also voted to invite David Rodriguez and Lorena Pardy to be members of the BC Conference K-12 Board. They will be filling the two current vacancies on that important Board. Please pray for them as well as for our K-12 Education Board.

9 – The BOD voted on the dates for its meetings in 2016. Please find them below:

January 24 – Sit Down Meeting – Office

April 7 – Teleconference (1st Thursday of the Month)

June 5 – FSR / BOD – Sit Down Meeting – Office

July 24 – Sit Down Meeting – Camp Hope (1st Sunday - Camp Meeting)

September 22 – Teleconference (4th Thursday of the Month)

October 23 – Sit Down Meeting – Office

December 1 – Teleconference – (1st Thursday of the Month)

10 – Also, during the BOD meeting, Elder Wayne Culmore - our BC Conference President - announced officially to the BOD that he and Sylvia will be retiring on March 1, 2016. All of us in the office as well as across this Conference will certainly miss them. They have positively impacted our Conference in many different ways. Please pray for them as they make plans to move to this new phase of their lives. May our good Heavenly Father bless them richly as they enjoy their time with their beloved ones. They will be sadly missed!

11 - Pastor Mike Stevenson has accepted a pastoral call to minister in Reno, Nevada (USA) and will be concluding his ministry in the Rest Haven Church at the end of this month. We would like to thank Mike and his family for their faithful service in our Conference over the years – Aldergrove, Oakridge & Rest Haven Churches. They will certainly be missed by all of us for their friendly smile and enthusiastic & youthful approach to ministry. We wish & pray for God's richest blessings upon them in their new assignment.

May God continue to bless you & your family richly during the remainder of this year. Please be rest assured of our prayers for all of you from the BC Conference office.

In His Service,

Wesley Torres