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Shadow Week

The purpose of Shadow Week is to take some time out of your district and visit a few other churches.We want to you to get a glimpse of how other churches and pastors are doing ministry in their context.While you most likely took a college course on some of these topics, it is helpful for you to have a refresher.It is important that you discover the ministry tone we are setting in the British Columbia Conference.

During this Shadow Week, you will:

Attend a staff meeting at Oakridge Adventist Church
Meet with the pastoral leadership of Church in the Valley
Make a sick/member visit
Meet with the Metro Vancouver Pastors
Attend a finance/board/ministry meeting
Connect with Pastor Steve Mirkovich and Michael Dauncey about community outreach
Debrief and discuss your goals and plans for ministry.
Discuss theology and sermon preparation
Participate in a local outreach project – Vancouver Food Bank
Discuss the importance of contextualization and demographic research
Have some time to contemplate and reflect on your call to ministry

After the Shadow Week, you will:

Write a brief summary of your experience that will include what you learned and plan to implement.
Meet with your members and identify some areas of growth you will like to focus on.

Housing Accommodations

You will be staying at the Air B&B owned and operated by Oakridge Adventist Church. You will receive an email confirmation with details on your visit one week prior to your stay.

You will submit special mileage and per diem in your conference mileage report.

Dress Code

Please check the weather forecast for Vancouver, as it can be cold and wet.Even though you will have plenty of time on your own to visit the tourist sites, you will be doing pastoral ministry alongside of me, and other pastors.Therefore please plan on wearing business casual during the weekdays.Your Sabbath experience will take place at Oakridge Adventist Church.You can wear whatever you are comfortable from business casual to a suit.

Sample Itinerary – Joel Duntin


9:30am Staff Meeting

Oakridge Adventist Church

12:00 Lunch

1:30Tour of the neighbored – church strategy and overview

7pm Ministry and Elders Meeting


Shadow Day with Steve Mirkovich

Evening outreach at the Vancouver Food Bank


10:00amMetro Vancouver Pastors Meeting


2:30Marketing meeting / Let's Move Vancouver

7:30pmPrayer Meeting


10:00amMeeting at Church in the Valley with Pastor Jamieson and Dauncey


Evening - Off


10:00am Pastoral Visitations


7:00Pathfinder Vespers – North Vancouver


9:30am Arrive

10:00am Sabbath Schools/Small Group

11:00am Worship

12:30Lunch with Ministry leaders

Evening: Off