Presidential Blessing: June 25

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 Greetings from Abbotsford – home, sweet home! Today, my family and I will worship God and be of service to the Korean Seed-Sowers Company in Langley, as they have organized a special Service of Gratitude to God.

They will also show their appreciation to some dedicated and generous members who gave so much of themselves to support their group of believers to get established in their new Church. They are also grateful for the arrival of their new pastor. What a day - God loves generosity!
Actually, one of my favorites verses in the Scriptures is Psalm 116:12. It reads: “What shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits toward me?” (KJV). For me, one of the beauties of this verse is that it is a question, not an isolated statement. Why do I feel that way?

Simple - a statement is already a defined view of a person about something, while every time we are asked a question, it shows that someone is interested in listening to what we have to say about the matter. Also, a question poses us with an opportunity to express ourselves and present our understanding in connection with a situation or the challenges we may have with it, in our own words and feelings. In the verse mentioned above, the Psalmist goes even a bit beyond that.

He is asking a question to himself… that is where this verse captivates me! When I read the Word, I try to place myself in it, as the scenes and messages are directed to myself, alone. In my opinion, this is not being selfish, but rather personalizing it in my own life. Then, in this case, what David is asking to himself, I take it as I am also supposed to ask myself.

David answered his own question by presenting his best view about what he thought could be the most special way to address and deal with it. He suggests that he would be even willing to surrender his life (v.15) as a loving response to God’s goodness, love, and mercies shown to him as he wanted to continue to serve the Lord as a servant. Look at the attitude - the one of a servant, another gem in this Psalm.

My prayer for all of us (myself included) is that we have the same humble attitude of David, recognizing that all our blessings come from God. Also, that our response to Him should be one of a humble and serving attitude - placing the best we have in His altar of sacrifice - with love and trust that He completely owns and guides our lives.
Happy Sabbath!
In His Service,
Wesley Torres