Presidential Blessing: June 18

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 Greetings! This weekend the Filipino Camp Meeting is taking place in Camp Hope and the theme is: Healthy Families for Eternity. I will be making my way there with my family, shortly. Through dialogues with some Filipino folks, I could sense their excitement as they were getting ready to worship together as a Spiritual family, attend the different training seminars to equip themselves for service, and to enjoy each other’s company - a happy and stable family. Please keep us in your prayers today and the Northern BC people affected by the flooding, as shared with you yesterday.

Something interesting happened to me during my trip to Oshawa last week. My flights were delayed, which eventually caused a late arrival in Toronto. Also, my bag was temporarily displaced and I was getting concerned about what to wear during the meetings at the SDACC, besides the inconveniences related to such delay. I had to go to the lost baggage desk* and after some search, my suitcase was located and I was happy to be on my way. However, while dealing with the airline’s agents, they created a file for that case. The story does not end there. As a result of all of these, on the day of my return to BC, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a notification that I had been rewarded a free First Class upgrade for those flights. The company was showing their appreciation for me as a passenger and that they value my business with them. This was a form of “reparation” for their mistake.

Wonderful! The service, space, seats (and food) are really neater in the First Class, no doubt. All of these caused me to think about the way God treats us. We drop the ball and God is the One Who shows up* to repair the situation: “I make the mistake, Jesus takes my place, pays the required price, fixes it and gives me the reward – Eternal Life. Amazing and unthinkable!” This can only be explained because of His love for us. I received a temporary upgrade (one trip) because of the airline’s fault (s) – God rewards me, despite of my mistakes, because of Jesus Christ. The beauty of this situation is that it is not an isolated or temporary case. He does it all over again, as He forgives and accepts me every time I pray to him (I John 2:1-2). The story is not finished… Ironically, my return flights (upgraded) were also delayed. I did not receive any future upgrade or compensation for that… Maybe the company thought their initial “fixing” was already good enough… It is not like that with God! He is always there, only a prayer away and ready to “upgrade me” – every time I need it, in Jesus Christ (II Chro. 7:14; Isa. 64:24) – and He keeps no file! (Micah 7:18-19).
My prayer for us, today: “Help us Lord to never forget about your love for us!”