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April 10 – May 2, 2015, Our recently completed prophecy series entitled "Searching for Hope" actually began with the AFCOE to Go program presented at BC Camp Meeting 2013. Tucked away in the materials given out was a reference to the Empowered Church Program developed by Amazing Facts. The McBride church board approved using this program, and a Leadership Team was formed to guide our church through the different modules of the program. These modules are designed to "help the church establish an ongoing evangelism cycle with a strong emphasis on revival, training and discipleship." (The Empowered Church, p.6) Thus, for over a year our church prepared for the Bible prophecy series that began on April 10th and ended on May 2nd 2015.

Throughout the planning for this series, the leading of God was evident, and many things that happened can only be described as miraculous. For example, a way opened up at the exact time needed to bring brochures from the conference office to McBride. Another miracle was a Fountainview Academy Orchestra and Singers concert the evening before the series began. They played to a full house of over one hundred and sixty. Many community members heard the wonderful message of salvation in Jesus through music and song. The timing could not have been more perfect! Even before the series began, God's blessing was evident!

Our evangelist, Jordan Spangler, grew up in McBride. He graduated from Fountainview Academy in Lillooet, BC, studied under Louis Torres at Mission College, worked as a BC Conference Bible worker, gave an evangelistic series in Prince George, and has served as Assistant Dean of Boys at Fountainview Academy. Last year he returned to McBride, where he now lives with his wife and newborn son. Jordan preached a powerful, Christ centered prophecy series that touched many hearts.

Amazingly, the attendance at the end of the seminar was just as high as at the beginning with an average of sixty people present for each presentation. There was excellent support from church members at each meeting. In addition, several community members heard the messages of Bible truth. A children's program held in conjunction with the series often had as many as thirteen children under ten in attendance. The Holy Spirit was definitely present as many attendees gave their hearts to Jesus, and requested baptism. Many others experienced a renewed commitment to follow Jesus. To God be the glory for what transpired!

By Jerry Logan, Pastor, McBride Seventh-day Adventist Church