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Ok, you have probably been sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what our hard working staff have been doing in the post camp meeting vacuum.

Well...lots! So check out all the pictures.

After we said goodbye to all of our camp meeting friends we got right back at it. 

We have had a number of rental groups in. We have hosted a wedding. We have been cleaning, roofing, replacing and fixing.

It was time to try out our new carpet cleaner that we purchased off of the BC Gov auction site for an excellent price. Al the Amazing carept cleaner cleaned the upstairs auditorium. 

We have a big line up this fall. It Is Written. CHIP Summit. Women's Retreat. Men's Retreat and more. We are getting ready for an amazing fall season. 

We had some more windows to replace. If you recall we changed out all the windows on the east wing in June when the Maranatha group was here. Our guys, Todd, Steven and Al commenced to changing the lodge auditorium windows. They got half of them done thus far. This is much more of a challenge as it has to be done out of the boom lift on th outside and with scaffolding or ladder inside.

At camp meeting did you notice our new concrete by the front doors of the lodge? Not just boring concrete, but imprinted and colored. Looks much more like surrounding, natural rock. Our amazing concrete volunteer Mr. J darkened the shade on it from the original. Can you tell? Notice the new trim around the front windows and doors?

The guys spent some significant time tearing off the old roof on the 'drive through' in front of the lodge. It was leaking badly. We had a roofer from Hope come in and put a new roof on it. 

We acquired a newer 1 ton van for an excellent price. It needed some work and Pastor Ernie and son Eldon Dunning from Powell River got it in great shape for us. Steven Hodgins recently did some wiring and paint touch ups on it, and we just plated it yesterday. Our old red half ton was pretty tired and rusty and this will be much better for towing our trailers when we bring in material etc.

The campus is GREEN AGAIN! Recent rains have brought our grass back to life, and growing like crazy, making up for lost time. This spring and summer was the brownest and driest I have seen it. Ironically the windstorm that hit the Fraser Valley recently did not hit us. We never get storms at Camp Hope....hahaha. Not.

Insurance covered some Big Auditorium roof repair. The Maranatha group continued with more repair. After they left, along with our staff, we put some of our summer guys up there to continue the job. Now we just started the last phase, the north half of the dome part. 

Are you a roofer type itching to get up on a roof and show your asphalt shingle placement skills? We will be tackling this for quite a few days. Got to get it done before the rains. It is a big area. We are NOT calling for a work bee this Sunday, but rather for midweek helpers if available.

We did not quite get all of our exterior building painting finished. Any painters out there who want to come and polish your skills? We have lots of paint. Come and leave your mark.

And how about another look at that new sidewalk? The plan is to replace a couple good size sections each year. Thanks again to great volunteers!

That one amazing concrete volunteer Mr. J also did some excellent temporary repair on some of the uneven edges. Did you notice? He saved a lot of trips and stumbles.

The new sod we laid beside the new concrete(so it would not be muddy at camp meeting) has taken off like seriously and growing like 60.

And just by the bridge near the lodge, we have a whole new wave of crocuses growing. This was quite a surprise as I thought they only came out in the spring. Late bloomers. 

Friends, though we had the nasty storm at the beginning of the year, then a flood in the youth lodge shortly thereafter, as I was standing on the campus last evening I was reminded that we continue to be truly blessed at Camp Hope. Praise Him in the storm and in good time as well.

Who is making the difference at Camp Hope?

So many volunteers this year. So many friends. So many people who have a passion for our camp. And people are making donations to the camp to help us with upgrades and purchases. Not a landslide of donations, but they are trickling in. This truly warms our hearts and we are truly grateful to all who have helped in varying capacities this year. 

We are working on plans for a new bathroom in B section now and more RV parking too. Never a dull moment.

Thank you all for your support through prayer, volunteerism, kind or complimentary words and donations.