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I was raised believing in Jesus and was taught the Ten Commandments at an early age, but had no church or denomination. 

In my pre-teen years I read the Bible a couple of times, but at that age, and without guidance and assistance, found the language in the New King James Version often more confusing than enlightening. 

All through my teens I tried every church in our town, looking for answers to my questions and a place to worship that felt comfortable. Many came close and some were nowhere near what I was looking for. 

Eventually I convinced myself that I didn't need a "church" to be a good Christian and I could do it on my own. Of course, this did nothing to answer my questions or give me the deeper understanding of scripture that I had always craved. 

Still, I convinced myself that I had a personal relationship with God and it was just between Him and me. "I knew I was a good man and so did He." For a long time this was good enough for me (at least that was what I told myself), then my first wife who had been raised a Seventh-day Adventist talked me into going to church with her. 

The minute I walked in the door I felt welcome and at home. That feeling grew stronger during the pastor's sermon. My questions began to be answered, the more we went the more questions answered. Several years later we divorced and I once again lapsed into my "personal and private" relationship with God, but still considered myself a Seventh-day Adventist. 

When I began dating my current wife we began to discuss religion. I told her that I was a Seventh-day Adventist and she asked me many questions about the church and the Bible. Her questions and my inability to answer so many of them rekindled a desire in both of us to better understand the scriptures. Shortly after we were married, my daughter asked us if we would like to join a weekly Bible study grou she was forming in her home. She was a recently baptized Seventh-day Adventist and of course we eagerly accepted the invitation. Several months later we were both happily baptized together into the church in Cranbrook, BC..We both eagerly continue the journey together with our new church family.

By Angela Poch, Communication Secretary, Cranbrook Seventh-day Adventist Church