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Ministerial Musings - Son Valley Church 

When I visited Kelowna the temperature reached 30 degrees. I could get used to this! It’s no wonder why the Okanagan pastors stay in their district for such a long time!

Over the weekend of June 6, we had a special Reach Rally held at Rutland Adventist Church. All of the area Okanagan church pastors and leaders attended this afternoon program.

Earlier in the day I preached at the Son Valley Church. Here are a few impressions I had about the congregation.  

They are intentional about greeting everybody who enters the church. Their hospitality team seemed well trained to welcome, and direct me in the right direction. In fact, when I arrived, I asked where the washroom was. Instead of pointing in a certain direction, I was ushered to the location by a helpful greeter.

The worship was festive. There is no doubt worship is a huge part of this church. People genuinely seemed happy to be worshiping God.

I was surprised by how many young adults were in attendance. After the service, I spent some time chatting with a large group of young adults. They told me their stories of how they were so grateful to have a church like Son Valley where they could seek God.

There is an intentionality of reaching families with young children. During the Sabbath service, Pastor Roger Esteves introduced Abraham Samudio Jr., as the new family life pastor. He will be working closely with the young people from OKKA, as well as younger children in the church. Samudio is a Burman University graduate who will begin serving in September. The church has plans to grow their presence and ministry outreach among young families.

I am going to continue to pray for Son Valley Church. They have all of the right ingredients to make a deep contribution in their community.

  Son Valley Church