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Last month when I was attending Native Camp meeting, I was able to connect with Charles Lomudak.

If you ever told Lomudak that one day he would leave Ethiopia and serve as a pastor in Canada, he would have never believed you. Originally from South Sudan, Charles escaped the war torn region of his home and became a refugee in Ethiopia. After studying for five years, he was given a lottery to move to Canada and start a new life.

His dream was to become a pastor, but hardship and life circumstances prevented him to fulfilling his goal immediately. “I knew that God had a call on my life,” he said, “but it wasn’t my time yet.” There were people who even discouraged him from his ministry dream. “I was once told, you will never get a job as a pastor. They will never hire an African to minister to Canadians. I thought that was peculiar, since we always had westerners serving as missionaries in Africa,” he told me with a broad grin.

Lomudak didn’t allow anything or anyone to prevent him from his call. Over the course of several years, Charles studied theology at Burman University. Studying apart from his family brought upon many hardships. However, through persistence and faith in God, he finally finished.

On a sunny Sabbath afternoon in May, Charles stood in the frigid waters and baptized four souls. “I had a plan,” he said, “from the first day I arrived on the Island. I asked God to bless my ministry, and let me share Jesus with others.” There is a glimmer in Charles’ eyes that proves he means business. He has no intention of playing things safe. He has sacrificed too much to simply do the bare minimum. He has every intention of having his church become a relevant resource in the community.  

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