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Pictured above:  Cavin Chwyl (left), Kumar Dixit (center), Jerry Logan (right)

I recently drove Jerry Logan and Cavin Chwyl to their respective homes in Prince George and Dawson Creek. I know what you are thinking: How did you get stuck driving that far? Two words: Wesley Toress. He is quite persuasive.

Jerry has only been ministering in the BC Conference for a year. 
Although he grew up in British Columbia, he started his pastoral career in Newfoundland, after graduating from Burman University. During our long road trip, I listened to many of Jerry’s amazing stories. His conversation experience is worth sharing: As a young atheist man, Jerry looked up into the starry heaven’s wondering if there was something much bigger out there than what could be explained. A couple weeks thereafter, Jerry was introduced to his future wife, Olenah, who would invite him to church. 

Jerry’s life story has some crazy twists and turns. However what is remarkable is his conviction and faithfulness to become a pastor. Most people wouldn’t leave everything behind and start college in midlife with three kids and a spouse. But, Jerry’s call was real and he couldn’t turn away from it.

I don’t want to spoil the rest of the story, but I would encourage you to sit down with him during camp pitch and ask him to you fill in the gaps. It is a truly remarkable story of Jerry and Olenah’s faith, and God’s faithfulness.