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Reach Orientation + Partnership forum

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Reach Orientation + Partnership forum

If you've been wondering how to incorporate the REACH framework into your church, this session is for you!  

This Saturday, June 6, a special live stream presentation will be made at the Rutlund Adventist Church. All of the area Okanagan pastors and key leaders will be attending to learn more about the REACH framework.

During this meeting, the leaders will be introduced to a step by step process on getting started. Here is the outline of the program:

Welcome: Wayne Culmore, President

Story of REACH Framework: Ern Brake, Assistant to the President for REACH

REACH Framework at the Local Church: Kumar Dixit, Ministerial Director

REACH Framework Tools: Charles Ed II Aguilar, Communication Director

Next Steps: Wayne, Ern, Kumar, Charles Ed

Breakout: Pastors & Leaders

Here is the LINK to watch the live stream at 2:30pm on June 6.