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I Am Going

I am going to tell you a deep dark secret. Something that ministers normally would not admit to anyone. If could destroy your career, if you revealed this to some people.

There have been numerous times where I have been spiritually dead. Maybe dead is too strong. How about I’ve been in a spiritual a coma 

There have been weeks where I didn’t pick up the Bible for personal spiritual growth. I would wince at the idea of getting on my knees to pray. I did a pretty good job faking it. I was able to get by preaching bible-based sermons, and praying for other people. Don’t get me wrong: I loved God. But, in my haste and busyness, I neglected my own spiritual growth. 

Can you relate? I thank God that every time I went through a desert experience, I was drawn back to a personal time with Him. But I must admit, sometimes it didn’t come easily. 

I liken spiritual discipline to physical exercise. It only takes a few days of skipping the gym before your body begins to get soft. A lack of exercise has numerous side effects, seen and unseen. This concept works in the same way as personal devotion. 

I have a theory: A church is only spiritually healthy as their pastor.  Ellen White once said, “Our ministers need first to be converted to the truth themselves. Then they can go forth everywhere, bearing the message of truth for this time.” [Manuscript Releases 3:193]

Being converted on a daily basis requires us to die to ourselves. (See Galatians 2:20; Colossians 3:3) This is harder than it seems, because we are all selfish, and self consumed. And yet, that is the journey. 

My prayer for you:

Dear Father, 

You never give up on us; and for that we thank you. The role of pastor is so difficult. Every day we fail to live up to the ideal. Some of us are running on empty. Others of us are running on fumes. God, please restore our hearts. Fill our hearts with love, joy, and grace. May our hearts turn to you, everyday. Give us clean hearts, and may be return to you daily. Amen.