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June 27: Reach BC & Yukon

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June 27: Reach BC & Yukon

BC-ers and Yukon-ers love Camp Meeting at Camp Hope. Many people take a week of their vacation during this time. Very few North American camp meetings still last for nine days, but then again, not every conference has a camp wrapped in such God-given beauty.

You arrive at Camp Hope each year with expectations of improvements and upgrades. We want OUR Camp to be in the best condition for you, and all visitors; not just for Camp Meeting, but for every event at the Camp. It is representative our God and our faith.

The bottom line is…Camp Hope needs your support. We need you to view the Camp as a ministry, as an evangelistic tool, as a center for evangelism even, and thus, we need your support just like all of our ministries. Your dollars are needed for the changes you wish to see and the upgrades needed. For a donation of equipment or a special project, please contact Camp Hope.

Today’s offering is for REACH BC & Yukon.  Camp Hope is one of the beneficiaries of REACH BC & Yukon.