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Canada has two official languages: English and French.  Most of the French population live in Quebec. History tells us that the Quebecois have become disillusioned with organized religion and are indifferent to the Present Truth.  Our challenge is to reach 6.5 million of French-speaking Quebecois in la Belle Province one at a time.

The Il Est Écrit TV program is the most valuable evangelistic tool to reach the French-speaking populous in Canada. They received hundreds of letters every year from seekers who have been blessed by these programs, requesting prayers, visits and Bible studies.

Your offering today will help us to provide French materials to these seekers as well as to organize more outreach events.

God is opening up doors in cities across Quebec. In the cities of Rimouski and Gaspésie two Adventist medical doctors and their families recently relocated to those cities. They started small group Bible studies which are arousing some interest. Placing Bible workers in these cities will encourage evangelistic interest which will lead to a strong church plant in those cities.

Quebec City, the provincial capital, has a population of about 800,000 but only 125 Adventist members. The years 2015-2017 will be dedicated to intense evangelistic work in Quebec City.

Your generous support today will help us reach our French-speaking Quebecois, as well as build a strong Adventist presence in communities across Quebec.

Thank you for returning God’s tithe and your support of the Canadian French Work.