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Our offering today is to benefit our Canadian University College. It is exciting to hear of the tremendous growth that has taken place at CUC over the past few years. With youth from every province in Canada, the Northwest Territories, much of the US and abroad, CUC is very representative of our church in Canada and our world church. Many of our pastors, teachers, evangelists and administrators across Canada are proud of their connection to CUC. Please support your university in Canada as our young men and women study, work and live together on a safe, vibrant, and diverse campus, striving to fulfill their goals of training for service.

Your gift today is very much appreciated and needed and does make a real difference in the lives and success of our incredible young people. Last year’s offering increased substantially thanks to your increased participation. What a huge blessing if that could again grow to match the increasing needs. If not prepared today please take one of the special envelopes provided, home for future giving. Thank you for your financial support and for continuing to lift up the students, faculty and staff of Canadian University College in your thoughts and prayers throughout the year. Investing in our youth is investing for eternity!