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Ministerial Musings - Penticton

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Ministerial Musings - Penticton

Greg Wellman is my next door neighbour in the pastors section at campmeeting.  Last summer, he would generosity offer his vacuum cleaner to me every few days.  (This was one of those lessons you have to learn on what to bring as the new guy.)

I made a short visit to Greg and Debbie Wellman during May long weekend.  They welcomed me into their home and we shared a wonderful waffle breakfast together.  I learned that Greg has been serving as the pastor of the Penticton Church for nearly eight years.  God has continued to use Greg in the local church, as well as the local clergy association in town.   

The Penticton Church's demographics reflects that of its community.  The warm Okanagan climate draws many older Canadians.  In fact, 55% of the residents are retired.  The church has leveraged with a strong health ministry, including a CHIP program.

After breakfast, we took a drive to the church and I got a first hand tour. The Penticton Church is a beautiful, well kept facility.  It is apparent that the members take great pride in their building.  They are in the middle of several projects, including a major kitchen renovation.  

Greg and Debbie are a faithful pastoral couple (Debbie serves as the church librarian, among many other duties). After 33 years of marriage, the couple both share a desire to be used by God.  It was refreshing to sit in their dining room and hear how God has continued to put his hand on this family. 

  Musings - Penticton