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Ministerial Musings - Fountain View Academy

Did you know Fountain View Academy produces almost one million pounds of carrots each year!

I took a quick trip to Fountain View Academy to visit President Michael Dunbar.  We were working on the Young Adult plans for Camp Meeting this summer.  

Last year, a new young adult division was created with much success.  There was standing room only.  Dunbar is the volunteer leader of this camp meeting ministry.

It was my first time visiting Fountain View Academy, located in Lillooet, British Columbia.  Michael directed me the dining room, and told me he would meet me in a few minutes.  I spent about thirty minutes alone, observing the young people in the food hall.  Within that short period, about five students welcomed me.  These aren't ordinary students.  They were kind, compassion, and God loving.

Fountain View Academy is known for their world class choir and orchestra program.  The students wandered the halls singing, and carrying there instruments - I thought I was in Julliard.   Every student works half of the day in the school industry (farming and greenhouse) and then attends class the other half of the day.  

Apart from being wholly impressed by the school, I can't wait for camp meeting. It is going to be a fabulous worship experience for the young adults.  

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