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Ministerial Musings - Native Camp meeting Port Hardy

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Ministerial Musings - Native Camp meeting Port Hardy


Ministerial Musings - Native Campmeeting 

I didn’t realize how far north Port Hardy was. After a two-hour ferry ride to Nanaimo, there was still another four hours drive to the tip of Vancouver Island.

Pastor Randy Elliot greeted me with a huge hug. It was like we had been friends for years. Randy serves the Gwasala Nakwaxda community in Port Hardy. In fact, the church is situated on the steps of the Native Reserve, a perfect spot to reach the needs of the community. Pastor Randy is active with the local food bank, and serving the community members who are facing some real challenges.

Native campmeeting was filled with storytelling, singing, and testimonies. It was great to hear reports from Pastor Ed Dunn, of the SDACC on how Native ministries is flourishing. The potluck lunch was one of the highlights of the weekend. What an amazing spread.

I recently read a report that the public school in Gwasala Nakwaxda is one of the poorest performing schools districts in British Columbia. These challenges serve as great potential for Pastor Randy. He is dreaming and praying for a church bus/van to do even more ministry in the community.