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Thoughts From the President

This commentary from Jon Paulien speaks to the relevancy of our ministry as pastors. This chapter (1 Thessalonians 5) packs so much punch from both ministry at the local church and our own Christian experience: (Paul likes making lists and this chapter is a prime example)

"Preparation for the Second Coming is about investing serious time in the Word of God (5:1-5). There are many distractions in today’s world, from overwhelming jobs to e-mail to entertainment to a cornucopia of mood enhancers. Paul’s appeal is to put the Word of God first in our lives and we will not be overtaken by events, no matter how surprising the timing."

"Paul concludes his first letter to the Thessalonians with a series of seventeen admonitions (1 Thess. 5:12-22) followed by a closing prayer (5:23-28). The seventeen admonitions in First Thessalonians 5:12-22 can be divided into two groups, counsels on ministry in the local church (5:12-15), and counsels on general Christian experience (5:16-22). This natural division is signaled in the grammar of the text itself. The first nine admonitions (12-15) begin with a verb and are ministry oriented. The last eight admonitions end with a verb and are personal life oriented."

"In the concluding prayer (5:23-24) Paul summarizes a main theme of this letter: that believers in Thessalonica and beyond would continue to grow in sanctification and holiness all the way up to the Second Coming itself. This growth remains a crucial part of what must continue to take place in local churches around the world today."

May God grant you an abundance of wisdom and discernment as you assist your church family on their journey towards the kingdom. Complacency and satisfaction with this life will put us all in the ditch. Let's keep our eyes fixed on JESUS, our minds saturated with His Word, and our knees bent in petition for those we are called to serve. 

God bless you,