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Interviewing Rob Folkenberg III

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Interviewing Rob Folkenberg III
Robert Folkenberg III joined the British Columbia Conference last summer as a pastor in the Rutland Adventist Church.  We caught up with Rob to see how things have been going in his first year of pastoral ministry.      

Where did you graduate college?
I attended Walla Walla University and completed my studies in August 2014.   

How long did have you been at the Rutland church? 
I began work at the Rutland church on September 1, 2014. So, I’ve been at it for nearly nine whole months!  

What are your responsibilities?
I am the assistant/youth pastor. So, my duties cover two areas. On the one hand, I do general pastoral tasks in conjunction with the senior pastor, Cameron Koronko. I preach twice a month at Rutland Church and also once a month at the Wildwood Church, a small church on the outskirts of Kelowna. My real focus, though, is on the youth and young adults. I help coordinate our Youth Sabbath School, plan special events for young people, and participate with and help lead our young adult group. I also spend time at Okanagan Adventist Academy, leading worships, supporting special events, leading a baptismal class, and occasionally even attending recess! As there is no chaplain, I and other Adventist pastors in the valley help fill that roll.   

You come from a long line of ministers.  What surprised you about pastoral ministry? 
One thing that has surprised me about pastoral ministry is the great amount of variety in my work. I knew that pastoral work encompassed many areas, but I have been surprised by all the surprises, so to speak. The Rutland church is in a poorer area of town, and we periodically get individuals coming in requesting help and money. I never took a class on that in College!   

What do you wish your members knew about you (in your pastoral role).
I sometimes struggle passing off responsibility to my members when I can just do it myself. This can make for a very busy pastor, but more disturbing, an inactive church. I would let my members know that I want their involvement and passion for ministry!   

What do you so for leisure?
My top hobbies are traveling and rock climbing. I also enjoy gardening, backpacking, hiking, and eating!   

What was the last book you read? 
The last book I read was Salvation by Faith and Your Will by Morris Venden. I found the book on the Free Books table at the church. It’s very interesting to think about the part your will plays in salvation. The book really focused in on the importance of fighting the fight of faith by looking to Jesus, spending time with him, and cultivating that relationship.