Presidential Blessing: April 30

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Greetings from Burman University, Lacombe, AB. Yesterday I attended the Burman University Board of Trustees meeting for the first time. I am really impressed with our Canadian Adventist University. Many good things are happening here and we have a committed “Team” that work together - Administration, Professors, Staff, etc - with the sole purpose of serving and providing an excellent Christian Education and a sweet spiritual environment for the students.

Today is the Canada-wide offering for this institution. I kindly request all of us to support Burman University through our prayers and a special offering this Sabbath. This will certainly make a positive difference in the lives of the studious minds of our young people on this Campus!
Also, this is the graduation weekend at Burman University. There is something special in the air, one can feel it… After years of hard work, exams, assignments, study groups, practical activities, etc, over 110 graduates are celebrating their academic achievements - Praise God! Last evening, the graduates thanked God for His grace and wisdom bestowed upon them and honored their parents for their support for their success.

What a memorable occasion!
This morning, inspired by what I have already witnessed here, all of a sudden it came to my mind how marvelous that will be when all God’s children who accepted His free salvation and redemption will participate in the greatest “graduation” of all times! They will receive their “diploma” from Jesus’ hands - eternal life - during His second coming and the reunion of the saints of all generations. They are those who would have washed their garments in the blood of the Lamb (Rev. 7:14) and allowed the Lord to purify their character and create in them a willing and humble spirit of service to represent Jesus (Matt. 25:21; 34-40).

They are the ones who never lost faith in God, despite of the temptations, accusations, and snares of the enemy (I Peter 5:8 / Rev. 12:7-12). They decided to place God first in their lives and believed in His promises (Deut. 11:13-15). What an occasion will that be - “the graduation” - to celebrate the completion of the Holy Spirit’s work in their lives and their positive response and acceptance of God’s forgiveness and grace.

They were forgiven and chose, by God’s grace, to forgive others, too. Forgiveness and grace are twin sisters. They are only effective when the ones who receive them also impart them. They cannot be retained, but passed on. That’s what makes God’s forgiveness and grace so beautiful. That’s what will make that “graduation” a real celebration for the final victory over sin and its consequences.

May prayer today is for God’s blessings over Burman’s graduates and our University as a whole and also for all of us to take part in that “graduation.”
Happy Sabbath!
In His Service, Wesley Torres