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Spiritual Depot Christmas Concert

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There may be thousands of ways to witness for Jesus.  The following story is just a small example of we can do.  

Before Easter, 2015, we get in contact with our children’s Cello teacher, who used to be very anti-Christian.  We built up friendship with him and his group of Chinese string students, and their parents, we invited them to participate in our live-streamed Easter concert in Westminster church.  The Holy Spirit moved in the teacher’s heart and in those of the parents.  The teacher was so thrilled by our performance and the messages in the concert.  

More trust was built up through personal visits and unselfish love.  He invited us to support and contribute in various ways to their concerts and events, such as giving a short inspirational talk during Mother’s day celebration, and singing Christian songs during their outdoor performance at Steveston in Richmond.  

Spiritual Depot Christmas Concert

More respect was also established during this period of interaction, and personal visits.  He said that he had a friend who is an evangelical Chinese pastor from Taiwan served in one of the biggest Chinese churches in Vancouver.  The pastor also visited him very often, and they drank and smoked together.  So, he was pushing me at those things at first.  When he realized that I was truly serious with my claim, he respected our faith more than ever.  

Eventually, the teacher asked us to help him to organize a Christmas concert for his group of students as he is getting old.  He asked Joy to be the chief organizer, and asked our choir to contribute some songs to enhance the performance.  Together with the help of many volunteer parents and the promotion and printing done through our BC Conference, we had a wonderful and successful performance and the theatre that we rented was almost fully packed.  Our young men also helped them in doing a lot of physical work during the show with Christian delight.  

All these are for the glory of God, to build up trust and out-reach to the secular Chinese community in whatever ways God provides.  Some of the parents of his string students are active members from other denominations, and they thanked us behind the teacher for doing such a wonder work.  They said that they have tried for years to convert him, but with no success, and you guys have done it in such as wonderful and natural way.  

Whether he will be converted or not eventually is beyond our human devising and control.  But all that we can do is to live out the genuine Christian life of radiance and unselfish love in every way possible and imaginable.

“Every follower of Jesus has a work to do as a missionary for Christ, in the family, in the neighborhood, in the town or city where he lives. All who are consecrated to God are channels of light. God makes them instruments of righteousness to communicate to others the light of truth."—Testimonies for the Church 2:632. {ChS 18.2}

“The result of the work of Jesus, as He sat, weary and hungry, at the well, was widespread in blessing. The one soul whom He sought to help became a means of reaching others and bringing them to the Saviour. This is ever the way that the work of God has made progress on the earth. Let your light shine, and other lights will be kindled”.—Gospel Workers, 195. {ChS 18.3}

By Pastor Peter Qiu, Spiritual Depot Church Plant