Victoria Church Celebrates New Members

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On September 16, 2015, Pastor Justis St. Hilaire had an orientation meeting with the members of the Victoria church to discuss plans for the meetings starting on September 18.

The Revelation of Hope series ran for four weeks and concluded on October 17, with fifteen immediate decisions for baptism and two profession of faith. Interestingly enough one of the decisions took place in Port Angeles Washington, where a young mother, Joelle, and her two sons, Christian & Jacob, were watching the meetings via the Internet, as the meetings were being live streamed.

She spoke to an Adventist pastor in her area after making her decision, and joined the church in her area, along with her two sons. Each of the 14 individuals baptized in the Victoria church have incredible stories of God’s miraculous leading in their lives.

Two stories of special interest: One of the individuals who took his stand comes to the church with a history from the Muslim background.

Each and every night he sat close to the front in order to hear the presentations. While listening he was actively taking pictures of every slide on the screen so he could go back home and restudy the information before returning the following nigh. Another amazing story is the experience of another individual who was a 32-degree Mason.

After visiting with Pastor Justis he was convinced that he had to turn his back on the Masons and move forward in following the word of God and honoring Jesus with his life and practice. One more note of special interest; Pastor Justis showed up to the church Sabbath morning at 8:00 am to baptize, Gail Milling, as she had a previously planned engagement to attend and could not be there for the main service.

On November 14 Pastor Justis returned to hold a service so he can baptize two more individuals who have made their decision to also take their stand as a result of the meetings. The names of both the young men are Luke Postey and Luc LaVasseur. One more individual has made her decision to be baptized at Christmas time.

This will bring the total number of new members to 20 precious souls for God’s glory and honor. There are still approximately five other people that are coming to church as a result of the seminar who need a little more time before making their decisions. We are currently continuing on with a Bible marking program for all the visitors and new members.  There are so many other amazing stories that could be shared, however, time and space does not allow at this time. We are so grateful for God blessing our church with so many new and wonderful individuals. The names of the people in the picture below, starting from the back row from left to right, are as follows: Maria Outon, Gail Milling, Ian Archamboalt, Pearl Caddell, Melissa Manga, Chalindu Yamba, Manjid Deshhiri, Bruce Kuijpers, Dianne Morrison, Randolph Whitman, Mark Northrup, Doug Peppers, Joyce Watson, Al McEwen.

We wish to thank Pastor Justis St. Hilaire for the amazing presentations that lead so many to take their stand for Jesus and the Victoria church members who did such an outstanding job with their support of the Revelation of Hope seminar and all the prayers in behalf of the new members. We look forward to doing another prophecy seminar with Pastor Justis some time in the near future.

For His Glory,
Domingo Daniels, Head Elder Victoria SDA Church