Presidential Blessing: March 26

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Greetings from Ashcroft!

Today I will have the pleasure of worshipping God and being of service to our brothers and sisters in this charming little Church in town. Again, as I was making my way through this gorgeous BC (Beautiful Country) I noticed something interesting, which made my driving experience quite special. I saw some snow still resting on the mountains, stunning green lands, breath taking lakes, and the mighty Fraser River and Canyon “going alongside” the road.

However, as I was approaching the Ashcroft area, the land became drier and the vegetation was completely different, but, still beautiful. That was an entire altered scenery. So, I spotted the snow, green lands, mountains, lakes, fertile and dry land in a matter of hours. What a view!  We are blessed just by living in this Province.
I thought came to my mind: Situations and circumstances in life can put us in dangerous and difficult paths, if we depend on ourselves, only. Many times, they change as quickly as the pressure comes on.

Changes are good and sometimes necessary in our lives. However, I would like to discuss briefly about a type of change that we should always be afraid of and on alert in order to not allow this to happen to us. The change I am talking about is the one that the enemy tries to bring to our heart as it relates to our relationship with God. When we are spiritually tested or the circumstances change in our lives, sometimes we are tempted to deviate our eyes from Jesus and forget our first love for Him (Rev. 2:4; Heb. 10:25).

This is serious. God’s Word tells us that we should always keep our eyes focused on Jesus (Heb. 12: 1-2) and trust in His providence (Isa. 1:19), despite of life changes that we may face. The amazing thing about all of these is the fact that God never changes (Mal 3:6) and that He cannot be or act unfaithfully, even when we are unfaithful to Him (II Tim. 2:11-13). So, as we “drive through life” we should be aware of some potential changes, however, when they happen, let them assist in our spiritual growth and a complete dependence on God.
Although we do not celebrate this weekend per se as most of other Christians do, let us rejoice that Jesus came, died for us, resurrected, returned to heaven, and is soon to come back to take us home, forever! He experienced some “change” in His life, but as He clothed Himself with humanity, He did that for the benefit of our Salvation. Praise God!
May God bless you, your family, and all of those whom you serve or come in contact with, daily. Happy Sabbath!
In His Service,
Wesley Torres, D.Min.