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Mad About Marriage

Mad About Marriage - 2016.03.04

On March 5, roughly 300 people joined together to gain insight and guidance into their own relationships and marriages. Mike and Gayle Tucker from Lifestyle Magazine presented their  popular  Mad About Marriage seminar that resonated with many in attendance. Their entertaining and relaxed style made the environment perfect to learn and grow together.

Many topics were discussed within the scope of healthy relationships. The Tucker’s presented relationship advice from a fresh and honest perspective, and create an open dialogue between them and the audience. One major issue that was emphasized on what YOU personally can do to improve your relationship, even if your significant other is absent or unwilling to participate.   

Let's Move Vancouver hosted the Mad About Marriage seminar, in hopes to bring real tools to couples. Let’s Move Vancouver is a community partner based in Vancouver that encourages the community to live their best life. 

The brilliance of Mad About Marriage is that it's not only beneficial to married people, but to anyone who hopes to build healthy relationships in life. Single people, or those who are in relationships - can also learn and find inspiration in the Mad About Marriage seminars. It truly is a great relationship tool for anyone.

The seminar was a perfect way to launch our Mad About Love - Life Groups from March 12 – April 23 (6 weeks) where participants will work through the Mad About Marriage workbook known as Flipping The Switch. This will give couples and individuals a personalized experience in a small group setting. At the end of the six weeks, Mike and Gayle Tucker have graciously agreed to return on the weekend of April 22-24. We encourage all to join us! For more information visit