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Deer Lake School: Evening of the Arts

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On Tuesday May 12, at 7:00PM:  Deer Lake's annual Evening of the Arts. This year, the Deer Lake senior jazz band and the senior choir will be performing. After that, the high school drama team will be putting on a 45 minute production entitled "Escape from Adventure Island." The play features Azlan Nelson, Apryl Facun, Lucy Jung, and myself. So that I may now be interviewed about this, I am handing the keyboard over to Victoria Guillen, another DLS blog reporter,  so she can conduct the interview.  

Q: As a cast member, can you give me a little taste of what the audience will be expecting?  
A: The audience can expect to be amazed with the outstanding production that will greet their eyes. It is a combination of amazing acting and brilliant writing. I hope everyone will enjoy it.    

Q: That's quite vague. Can you briefly describe the plot of the story?  
A: It is very confidential, so I will not reveal any information on the script. Just know that it will be great.    

Q: So, who is the writer of this outstanding play?    
A: It is I, the brilliant master mind.  

Q: So tell me, "the brilliant mastermind", what was your inspiration for the script?  
A: It started out on a dark October night, as I was watching Survivor. It gave me the idea to write a script about a reality competition show [gone wrong]. So I wrote the draft, but it wasn't that good. Fast-forward four months, when we all were having a difficult time deciding on a script for our Spring production. Immediately, my brain thought of the script I wrote four months earlier. I completely re-wrote it, and that's how it started.  

Q: Rumor has it, that "someone" will be "murdering" someone else. What's your opinion about this?  
A: It is very difficult to kill another person day after day during rehearsals! It has been very hard to sleep through the night.    

Q: What lesson do you think the audience could take from this play?  
A: The play shows about how much God loves us all.  

Q: Describe the play in 3 words.  
A: Dramatic, scary, and great fun!  

Q: that's five words... Is the play designed for all ages?  
A: .... Umm.... Perhaps....  

Q:  Oo... a cliff hanger. Guess we will have to see it live on May 12.  

By Lucas Silva, Grade 10. Lucas is very excited to be helping out with the newspaper team this year. He is very talented, and uses his skills to benefit the blog, yearbook and Pathfinders! His favorite things to do are eating, sleeping, and going on vacation. Life ambition: Get rich and have a good life. -