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Are you curious as to what people are thinking about your church?  What would a first time visitor say about their experience in your church? 

Greg Wellman, Pastor of the Penticton Adventist Church had someone observe and give a report on what they experienced.  Hopefully this will give you an idea of what you can do to improve the church encounter with visitors.  You can read the full report HERE

Here is a partial version of the report:


If I were looking for fellowship and wished to join a congregation, I would feel confident that I could very comfortably return to this church and explore becoming a member.


If possible, improve signage outside the building (or make it easily visible through the glass on your doors) to
let people know they are welcome to join you, and what time to show up.

You might also let them know how they can find out more. For example, welcome them to come in and find out about your church, and list any regular times when someone will be available to provide information. Let them know they can also find this information online, and provide your website.

Consider including this signage on the westernmost entry doors, along with a separate and more visible sign guiding people to the main doors, e.g.

Update your website. For example, the “History” page is stale, and there’s nothing about your pastor—perhaps rework the “Meet the Speaker” information on the M.A.P. brochure for use on the website.

If wishing non-members a happy Sabbath is not appropriate, consider suggesting your members help guests feel welcome by greeting them in some fashion (e.g. Hi, I’m ____). However, if there is no such rule, please do not raise it at all with your membership. It’s common in all social situations for some people to greet only those they know.

Provide just a few more seconds after instructions (e.g. to kneel for prayer) to allow guests time to follow along.
Invite guests’ table-mates to join them beginning the meal line-up (or dispense with the invitation to go first).

Dr. Kumar Dixit, Ministerial Director