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In order to become a member of Oakridge Adventist Church, you must attend a membership class.  I started implementing this required class over a decade ago in a previous church. I believe it is the single reason why I have rarely ever experienced a major church fight or split.  

Everything is spelled out in this class.  There are no surprises.  Our theology, ideology, and how we practice ministry is shared during this three-hour class.  

You can download the Workbook and PowerPoint that is used for this class.  Some of the material is based on Rick Warren's Membership Class 101, where I have adapted and changed the material.  

Feel free to make it your own.  DOWNLOAD THE MATERIAL HERE 

Frequently Asked Questions
Is this class for non-Adventist only?

It is for everybody. You must attend the class before you transfer your Adventist membership, join by POF or baptism.  

What if someone refuses to attend? 

They are told they are always welcome to attend church as long as they want.  However, when they make the decision to become a member, they must attend the class.  That is part of the membership process.

What do you say and do for three hours?

Lunch is provided during the class.  We spend a large time having people share their back-story: how they found the church, why they are attending, and what they are looking for.  This provides fodder for testimonies and sermon illustrations later.  

Do you really have people sign a covenant saying they will be faithful givers?

Yes.  You can find the covenant statement on the last page of the workbook. We spend a considerable amount of time explaining how the church finances work on the local level.  Most people (including long time Adventist) don't understand the difference between Tithe and Offerings.  Many assume that the tithes help pay for the local church needs.  

There is an expectation that if you are going to be a member, you will:  1) be a faithful giver  2) volunteer in a ministry 3)support the church in action and words.

What percentage of attendees signs up to be members?

About 70%.  Before the class begins, we tell people that this is an introductory meeting about our church.  There is no expectation that they must become a member.  Once they hear all of the information and have their questions answered, then they can make a decision for themselves.  

What does the follow up look like?

We usually take a break two hours into the class for dessert.  While the class is socializing, the church clerk puts a church membership application at everyone's seat.  They can return the filled application before the class is over. In addition they will get a follow up phone call and email from the clerk.

Dr. Kumar Dixit, Ministerial Director