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When did you begin pastoring at Aldergrove?
I started pastoring at Aldergrove in January 2015

What is your official role?
My official role is youth/young adult/ worship pastor

What are some of the major surprises you have found working with 13-15 year olds?
I’ve spent many years working at summer camp so there haven’t been to many major surprises working with the youth so far.

What are 2-3 things you are experimenting with young adults?
I’ve been working with a team to try and form community with in the Aldergrove church and beyond for young adults. We’ve started a Friday evening vespers that happens once a month that brings young adults together from all over the lower main land. We’ve been using the Connect young adult ministry to try and get young adults involved in various different ways.

What would you say to a church that wants to attract more young adults?
I would say that in the end they really just need to provide something for them. Be young adult focused.