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This past weekend I attended CUC graduation for the very last time – next year I will attend what will the first graduation for what will soon be Burman University. This past weekend I had the privilege to sit in the choir loft along with the Board of Trustees and the CUC Faculty and watch as over 100 graduates received their degrees. Eighteen of those graduates were from British Columbia. If any of these 18 graduates are from your church please be sure to acknowledge them and their parents. I would also encourage you to pray for these graduates as statistics tell us that 70% of them will leave the church.  We need these young adults as leaders in our churches.

Beginning the 1st Sabbath in May for 12 Sabbaths we are asking that each of our churches throughout BC and the Yukon participate in a prayer initiative we are calling “12 Sabbaths of Prayer”. The purpose of this prayer time is to pray for Camp Meeting 2015 – REACH UP! In a follow-up email I will attach a PDF as an example of a bulletin insert for each of the Sabbaths.  If you and your church are willing to participate we are asking that this prayer initiative take place during the morning worship time. Since our camp meeting this year is a part of the REACH initiative, and the focus is on Revival and Transformation  & Discipleship, we want this camp meeting to be bathed in much prayer. Pastor, I know that you are extremely busy so I was wondering if you could assign someone else to take the lead in this prayer initiative – perhaps your lead elder or your prayer coordinator.  We are going to set aside 12 Tuesdays in the office where we as an office family will do what we are asking you to do on the 12 Sabbaths. I am requesting that you keep Betty Lang, Administrative Assistant to Michael Wixwat, in your prayers as she will be leading out in the 12 Tuesday of Prayer in our office. One last thing, if your church(s) is willing to participate in this prayer initiative please send Betty an email to let her know so we can be praying for you and your church.   Also send her the contact information of the person who will be leading the prayer time in your church(s). May God bless you as you prayerfully consider this request.

2015 Prayer Campaign