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Penticton Welcomes Ezekiel Deschenes

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My name is Ezekiel Deschenes. I was born in the small town of Amos in the province of Quebec and I am now living in Penticton British Columbia.

I began my journey with God at a very young age. I was raised with the Seventh Day Adventist faith.

When I was 8 years old my parents gave me a bible. It was my first Bible. I started reading it from the beginning. That is when I learned more about God. I developed a strong faith in God.

I loved to study the bible and I dreamed of becoming a preacher. I kept on growing closer to God and when I was about 13 years old I gave my heart to Jesus.

I was like that until my parents separated. I remained close to God for awhile though. I continued playing piano at worships and also recorded 3 gospel music CDs with my mom and my brother.

While I got older I drifted further away from God. Although I never partied hard or used hard drugs, I spent less and less time with God everyday.

I had stopped attending church. I then met the love of my life. Her name is Nopri. She is from Indonesia. She helped me to get closer to God. We are both growing closer to God everyday.

We both believe that the husband is the spiritual leader of family. That made me think a lot about my future. I made the choice of being baptised. I was baptized in the Penticton Seventh Day Adventist church, last April 11. It was an amazing experience. I felt a great feeling of peace. Being baptised to me meant admitting to God that I was just a humble sinner and that I needed Jesus in my heart.

By Ezekiel Deschenes, Member, Penticton Seventh-day Adventist Church